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  • Cheez-It Puff'd
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    Courtesy of Kellogg

    Why Kellogg is depending on Cheez-It to grow its snacks business

    The CPG giant bets the 101-year-old cracker brand has the potential to drive up market share in the snacking segment, which makes up 80% of its total sales.

    By Nov. 14, 2022
  • A hand wearing a safety glove gives a paper-wrapped ice cream sandwich with round cookies and pink ice cream to another hand.
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    Alex Wong via Getty Images
    Deep Dive

    From science to CPG: New ventures create opportunities for startups

    While many larger players in the food tech space had to build their own facilities and processes from scratch, entities are planning to give those starting out now a smoother beginning.

    By Nov. 11, 2022
  • Back to Nature, B&G Foods
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    Courtesy of B&G Foods

    B&G Foods ‘actively seeking’ to sell Back to Nature brand

    The owner of Ortega and Cream of Wheat said it is also looking at other divestitures that could help it pay down debt, reduce leverage and better position its portfolio for growth.

    By Nov. 11, 2022
  • Three slices of Air Chicken are on a glass plate, garnished with a small radish and purple flower. The background is a blue sky with a few clouds.
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    Courtesy of Air Protein
    Deep Dive

    From science to CPG: Finding the right team to go beyond the lab

    While scientific processes and developments are core to what food tech companies do, they need employees who can turn the science into a successful business.

    By Nov. 10, 2022
  • Dr Pepper Fantastic Chocolate
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    Courtesy of Keurig Dr Pepper

    Keurig Dr Pepper CEO resigns over ‘violations’ to company’s code of conduct

    Former CEO Bob Gamgort will replace Ozan Dokmecioglu, who only served for four months. His departure was not related to “strategy, operations or financial reporting,” the company said.

    By Updated Nov. 10, 2022
  • A royal blue box of Entenmann's Cake Truffles in Chocolate Delight.
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    Courtesy of Entenmann's

    Sara Lee owner Grupo Bimbo to spend more than $600M to build 2 new plants

    The Ohio and Georgia facilities are expected to create a total of 620 jobs. 

    By Nov. 10, 2022
  • Beyond Meatballs at a retail store.
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    Courtesy of Beyond Meat

    As revenue slides, Beyond Meat CEO outlines strategy to improve business

    CEO Ethan Brown said today’s economy has not been kind to plant-based meat. He’s aiming to return the company to cash-flow-positive operations in the second half of 2023.

    By Nov. 10, 2022
  • A rendering of Steakholder Foods' planned future facility: A large open room with windows. Three large bioreactors in the middle, with smaller ones, 3D printers and storage drawers arranged around.
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    Courtesy of Steakholder Foods

    From science to CPG series

    A five-part series examining the challenges food tech companies face when scaling up.

    By Nov. 9, 2022
  • People in food safety protective gear handle yellow plastic tubs on a metal table in the middle of a room with metal walls, tubing and fans.
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    Courtesy of Upside Foods
    Deep Dive

    From science to CPG: Adapting R&D to regulations — and eventually consumers

    As food tech startups grow, their focus needs to shift from scientific breakthroughs to meeting stringent manufacturing rules, as well as thinking a lot about the people who will one day eat their products.

    By Nov. 9, 2022
  • A dish of Quorn's Meatless ChiQin Wings.
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    Courtesy of Quorn

    Fermentation leaders form Fungi Protein Association

    Companies including Quorn, MycoTechnology, Meati and The Better Meat Co. are coming together to advocate for alternatives that are not made from plants.

    By Nov. 9, 2022
  • Athletic Brewing nonalcoholic beers
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    Retrieved from Athletic Brewing Company.

    Keurig Dr Pepper invests $50M in Athletic Brewing

    The minority stake deepens the soda and coffee giant’s presence in the nonalcoholic category following its acquisition of ready-to-drink cocktail brand Atypique in June.  

    By Nov. 9, 2022
  • Danone, two good, smoothie, yogurt
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    Permission granted by Danone

    Danone expedites Two Good yogurt’s move into smoothies

    The new offering, which was initially planned to launch in 2023, brings the company’s fastest-growing North American brand into the portable space while building on its low-sugar, high-protein popularity.

    By Nov. 9, 2022
  • Mondelez International
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    Permission granted by Mondelez International

    Mondelēz names new chief of supply chain operations

    Leadership changes come as the snack giant reports improvements in production levels following its move to prioritize key SKUs. 

    By Sarah Zimmerman • Nov. 8, 2022
  • Grocery cart of Tyson Foods products, brands
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    Joe Raedle via Getty Images

    New Tyson CFO arrested on trespassing, public intoxication charges

    The incident involving the meat giant’s recently appointed CFO — son of the company’s chairman — reignites concerns about potential conflicts of interest.

    By Grace Noto • Nov. 8, 2022
  • A person in lab safety gear bends slightly and works with one of Future Meat Technologies' large silver bioreactors.
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    Courtesy of Future Meat Technologies
    Deep Dive

    From science to CPG: How money makes the food tech startup world go round

    Fundraising and understanding a realistic timeline are high barriers for these companies as they face R&D and regulatory challenges.

    By Nov. 8, 2022
  • Coca-Cola recyclable bottles
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    Permission granted by Coca-Cola

    Coca-Cola to restructure North American workforce with voluntary buyouts

    Employees will have from Nov. 14 to Nov. 18 to decide whether to accept offers. The beverage maker did not say how many workers are eligible.

    By Nov. 8, 2022
  • A view of an industrial room with scientific equipments and desks.
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    Permission granted by Finless Foods
    Deep Dive

    From science to CPG: How food tech companies grow into tomorrow’s food manufacturers

    It’s difficult to take a scientific discovery that could change the way the world eats and get it to consumers’ plates. Startups need tenacity, money, R&D, patience and an understanding of reality.

    By Nov. 7, 2022
  • A person holding a shopping cart stands in front of a row of refrigerators stocked with food at a grocery store.
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    Michael M. Santiago via Getty Images

    Food prices put Democrats at a disadvantage in midterm elections, analysts say

    Political scientists said inflation widely gives Republicans an advantage with voters, but some argue shifting the focus to corporate power in the food industry could help Democrats.

    By Nov. 7, 2022
  • Several packages of Hershey chocolate products, including York, Kit Kat, Reese's and Hershey brand candies.
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    Courtesy of Hershey

    Mondelēz and Hershey CEOs: Snacks are an ‘affordable’ luxury amid inflation

    The companies behind brands including Oreo and Reese’s increased their sales forecasts last week, as consumers have shown the willingness to pay more for their treats. 

    By Nov. 7, 2022
  • cows dairy organic
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    Courtesy of Straus Family Creamery

    Organic dairy farmers petition USDA for drought relief funds

    The weather in the western U.S. is exacerbating dire conditions for many operations already facing supply chain challenges and higher feed costs, prompting some producers to go out of business.

    By Nov. 4, 2022
  • Doritos, Frito-Lay, PepsiCo
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    Permission granted by PepsiCo

    How PepsiCo adapts to keep pace with food innovation

    The company’s Frito-Lay unit is using artificial intelligence and expanding its consumer outreach to design new products and create more flavor options.

    By Nov. 3, 2022
  • General Mills minis
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    Courtesy of General Mills

    General Mills thinks big with mini versions of 3 cereals

    With bite-sized offerings of Trix, Cinnamon Toast Crunch and Reese’s Puffs, the CPG giant is capitalizing on cereal’s growing popularity as a snack.

    By Nov. 3, 2022
  • A person stands next to a white kitchen counter holding a box of Jack & Annie's nuggets. There is a baking tray full of nuggets and a plate with nuggets and white dip on the counter in front.
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    Courtesy of Jack & Annie's

    How Jack & Annie’s uses jackfruit to shake up plant-based meat

    Founder and CEO Annie Ryu said the massive fruit native to South India has a meat-like texture and easily adapts to products including chicken-like nuggets and meatballs.

    By Nov. 2, 2022
  • Nestle, deliwich
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    Retrieved from Nestle.

    Nestlé aims for bigger bite of $600M thaw and eat category

    The nascent segment, which is growing at a 25% CAGR, allows food makers to get their brands into the hands of on-the-go consumers who don’t have immediate access to an oven or microwave.

    By Oct. 31, 2022
  • Person walking down supermarket aisle with empty shelves
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    Unsplash / Martijn Baudoin

    Sponsored by NielsenIQ

    Inflation and recession threats have rattled retail to its core

    US consumer confidence has been shaken by rising retail prices. How can brands regain their trust?

    Oct. 31, 2022