• Three black heart-shaped boxes of Sour Patch Kids Sour Hearts candy, with black candy hearts around them. The candy and boxes are on a black background with red broken hearts.
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    Courtesy of Mondelez International

    Leftovers: Sour Patch Kids paints Valentine’s Day black; Häagen-Dazs crafts butter cookie cones

    The Mondelēz-owned brand targets consumers who aren’t fond of the romantic holiday with its new candy, and Nutella debuts its first new snacks in the U.S. in more than a decade.

    By Food Dive staff • Feb. 3, 2023
  • kellogg rice farming ag farmers
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    Courtesy of Kellogg

    Kellogg sees positive results from sustainable rice farming pilot

    The cereal giant said the project, focused in the Lower Mississippi River Basin growing area, will inform its approach to other sustainability endeavors.

    By Feb. 2, 2023
  • A variety of plant-based meat analogs in the form of sausages, breaded patties, ground meat, burgers, meatballs and hot dogs in tiled green trays. Explore the Trendline
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    dropStock via Getty Images

    Maturation of the Plant-Based Meat Category

    While plant-based meat’s sales growth is slowing, investment and innovation in the space is continuing. There’s a lot coming into the space, from companies with new ideas to studies showing positive effects on sustainability.

    By Food Dive staff
  • A petri dish of red liquid with three round black, grey and white fungal colonies floating in it sits on a steel surface.
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    Courtesy of Michroma

    Michroma raises $6.4M to speed commercialization of natural red food color

    The company, which ferments bioengineered fungi to produce a pigment, received funds from General Mills-backed Supply Change Capital, Dr. Oetker and CJ CheilJedang.

    By Feb. 2, 2023
  • halo top desserts baking
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    Courtesy of Halo Top

    Halo Top enters baking mix category

    The maker of better-for-you treats is launching its first product lines outside the ice cream space after another year of slowing sales for its flagship frozen desserts.

    By Feb. 2, 2023
  • A raw plant-based salmon filet made by New School Foods on a marble surface with lemon slices and herbs in the foreground and bowls in the background.
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    Courtesy of New School Foods

    How New School Foods uses new ideas to make raw plant-based salmon

    The research-focused startup is emerging from stealth with a $12 million seed round it will use to come to restaurants in 2024.

    By Feb. 2, 2023
  • Eggs on shelves at a grocery store.
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    Catherine Douglas Moran/Food Dive

    Egg prices to remain high for as long as bird flu continues, experts say

    After prices more than doubled over the past year, producers are grappling with the impact of the virus while politicians and activists call for investigations into potential price gouging.

    By Feb. 2, 2023
  • A bowl with two strips of chicken atop cooked grains sits on a wooden cutting board, which is on a gray marble surface. Lettuce and cut purple potatoes are next to it.
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    Courtesy of Kerry

    International flavors and unconventional mashups top Kerry’s taste trends

    In the ingredients company’s 10th annual review of up-and-coming flavors across the globe, consumers are hoping to travel with their tastebuds, try unconventional pairings and get spicy in 2023.

    By Feb. 2, 2023
  • pepsico regenerative agriculture emissions
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    Courtesy of PepsiCo
    Deep Dive

    Food companies say they can reduce their emissions this year. Experts are skeptical.

    Academics and environmental groups say CPGs’ reliance on regenerative agriculture and carbon credits may not be enough to realistically hit their time-based goals.

    By Jan. 30, 2023
  • chili beer hormel super bowl
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    Courtesy of Hormel Foods

    Leftovers: Hormel brings chili cheese beer to the Super Bowl party; Dolly Parton adds to her baking line

    The craft lager made in partnership with Modist Brewing Co has a “chip-like” base, spices and cheese powder; and Sara Lee mixes vegetables into white bread.

    By Food Dive staff • Jan. 27, 2023
  • Loose black-eyed peas lay next to the pods in which they grow on a white surface
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    Courtesy of BetterSeeds

    BetterSeeds creates GMO cowpeas to replace soy

    The Israeli company’s bioengineered plant could stand up straight and be harvested just like the commodity oilseed crop, which is harder to grow in hotter, drier conditions.

    By Jan. 26, 2023
  • Several potential rectangular "Nutrition Tips" boxes detailing information about nutritional content of food.
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    (2023). "Appendix A - FOP Focus Groups Schemes" [Illustration]. Retrieved from FDA.

    FDA plans consumer study on front-of-pack labeling

    Research announced in the Federal Register this week will likely show 3,000 consumers different options and examine their understanding and reactions.

    By Jan. 26, 2023
  • perdue snackers chicken
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    Courtesy of Perdue

    Perdue’s new chicken products lean into at-home cooking and snacking trends

    Flavor-Infused Chicken is fully cooked sous vide bites, while Chicken Plus Snackers are a flavor-forward extension to the company’s plant-based hybrid line.

    By Jan. 24, 2023
  • Several people plate and prepare small white dishes that include Aleph Farms cultivated steak in an assembly line.
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    Courtesy of Aleph Farms

    Cultivated beef can be kosher, Israel’s top rabbi says

    Aleph Farms is the first cell-based meat company to get an opinion on how its products fit in with religious dietary restrictions. It is working on similar reviews with Muslim and Hindu leaders.

    By Jan. 20, 2023
  • Organic products signage grocery category aisle at supermarket
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    ThamKC via Getty Images

    USDA issues rule strengthening organic program

    The final rule requires more certification, documentation and training to ensure that products bearing the government-regulated seal meet the standards. It goes into effect in March 2024.

    By Jan. 20, 2023
  • cocoa
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    Courtesy of Cargill

    Ayana Bio invests $3M to create healthy ingredients from chocolate

    The biological research company will cultivate polyphenol-rich cacao cells to add nutrition to a variety of food and drink items — but will not make candy.

    By Jan. 19, 2023
  • A group of people in lab coats stand in front of a lab with tanks for precision fermentation behind them.
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    Permission granted by The Live Green Co

    Live Green Co adds precision fermentation to enhance recommendations

    The new division brings new proteins into the reformulations its Charaka platform is able to make.

    By Jan. 19, 2023
  • A judge's gavel is shown sitting idle on a thick, cherry stained, perhaps mahogany desk. The judge's hands are visible but out of focus in the background.
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    Kuzma via Getty Images

    Why food and beverage cases make up the majority of the ‘most ridiculous’ lawsuits

    Three-quarters of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce’s Institute for Legal Reform’s list of cases are proposed class action suits claiming ingredient and label information on CPG food and drink items are misleading.

    By Jan. 19, 2023
  • PepsiCo, no sugar, soda
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    Permission granted by PepsiCo

    PepsiCo overhauls recipe for its Zero Sugar cola

    The change, which creates a drink the company says more closely mirrors its namesake beverage, could help it gain ground on Coca-Cola's Zero Sugar offering.

    By Jan. 17, 2023
  • Man drinking a smoothie while looking at ipad
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    AdobeStock / Halfpoint

    Sponsored by Applied Food Sciences

    The next move in organic vitamin c

    Organic ingredients bring added value to natural immune products moving away from synthetic vitamin c.

    Jan. 17, 2023
  • Molson Coors Roxie
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    Courtesy of Molson Coors

    Molson Coors debuts nonalcoholic RTD cocktail line

    The company is only selling its Roxie drinks online to test the waters and see how they perform.

    By Jan. 13, 2023
  • rob's backstage popcorn jonas brothers kelly clarkson bbq
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    Courtesy of The Naked Market

    Leftovers: Kelly Clarkson, Jonas Brothers bring popcorn to the BBQ; Breyers goes oat-ally non-dairy

    The music stars collaborated on a sweet and smoky flavor, and International Delight brings the ‘90s nostalgia with a creamer inspired by the popular sitcom “Friends.”

    By Food Dive staff • Jan. 13, 2023
  • Pure Organic
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    Courtesy of Kellogg

    FDA allows more vitamin D fortification in cereal and bars

    Kellogg filed the petition to bump up the nutrient level of its products as consumers increasingly value health and immunity.

    By Jan. 12, 2023
  • Cones of strawberry, vanilla and chocolate ice cream stick out of a glass jar with an ice cream scoop and spoons on a blurred counter background.
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    ahirao_photo via Getty Images

    Kerry negotiating 500M euro sale of sweet ingredients business

    The divestment would free the company up to expand in higher-growth areas, and would help potential buyer IRCA become a global leader in components for the segment.

    By Jan. 12, 2023
  • Kind granola clusters
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    Permission granted by Kind

    Leftovers: Kind softens its approach to granola; Hippeas takes on Doritos

    The Mars-owned snacking brand’s new launch brings a chewier texture to its classic offering, and Rasa taps into adaptogens for new brews.

    By Food Dive staff • Jan. 6, 2023
  • Benson Hill headquarters
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    Courtesy of Benson Hill

    Benson Hill sells Fresh division for $21M to concentrate on ingredients

    Agribusiness company IMG Enterprises closed on its Florida facility, real estate, and packhouse at the end of 2022 and will complete the transaction through a stock purchase this year.

    By Jan. 6, 2023