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  • A red and yellow M&Ms Classic Mix bag and a light blue Crispy Cookie M&Ms bag on a grocery store shelf.
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    Megan Poinski/Food Dive

    Candy industry met 5-year calorie reduction and labeling goals

    Half of offerings from large brands including Mars Wrigley have 200 calories or less, and almost 95% have front-of-pack calorie information, meeting a target set by the National Confectioners Association and Partnership for a Healthier America. 

  • Keurig Dr Pepper, coffee, K-cups
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    Courtesy of Keurig Dr Pepper

    Keurig’s new brewer aims to replicate coffeehouse experience at home

    The K-Café Smart machine is Keurig Dr Pepper’s biggest step yet to stoke future demand for the popular coffee platform responsible for more than a third of the company’s annual sales.

  • A flock of turkeys roams on grass
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    Matt Cardy via Getty Images

    Bird flu hits turkey supply ahead of Thanksgiving

    More than 600,000 of the birds have been affected since mid-July as farmers start raising turkeys for the November holiday.

  • Packages of several Wicked Kitchen and Good Catch products against a black background.
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    Permission granted by Wicked Kitchen

    Good Catch acquired by Wicked Kitchen

    The all-stock deal brings the plant-based brands created by brothers Derek and Chad Sarno under one company, while the seafood alternative maker’s previous owner Gathered Foods will concentrate on the development space.

  • Turkeys
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    Justin Sullivan via Getty Images

    Egg and turkey prices likely to remain high due to avian influenza: report

    Factors like high labor and feed costs will make it difficult for producers who have had to cull millions of birds to bounce back, according to CoBank.

  • Riviana's Minute Rice microwavable cups
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    Courtesy of Riviana

    Riviana invests $80.6M to expand ready-to-serve rice facility

    The Memphis plant will gain 65,000 square feet and production capacity for Minute microwaveable cups, as well as new lines for pouches of its Tilda, Carolina and Mahatma brands.

  • Overhead view of several sacks and bowls of various plant-based ingredients and legumes, some with scoops, grouped together on a wooden surface.
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    fcafotodigital via Getty Images

    Blendtek partners with Bunge on plant protein ingredients

    The Canadian formulation company now offers the commodity giant’s soy, pea, faba, lentil and mung bean proteins — including concentrates, isolates, powders and textures.

  • fresca
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    Retrieved from Coca-Cola.

    Coca-Cola and Constellation Brands launch Fresca cocktails

    The pre-mixed drinks, which contain real spirits and zero sugar, are available in two varieties: Vodka Spritz and Tequila Paloma. 

    Updated Sept. 8, 2022
  • Eat the Change, tea
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    Retrieved from Eat the Change.

    Seth Goldman’s Eat the Change announces flavors for new tea brand

    Varieties of Just Ice Tea, which are expected to hit shelves later this year, include a few of the most popular extensions under the Honest tea line being discontinued by Coca-Cola.

  • Plant-based meat at a Target in Washington, D.C.
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    Catherine Douglas Moran/Food Dive

    Plant Based Foods Institute will promote the segment’s policy and business aims

    The new nonprofit, a sister organization to the Plant Based Foods Association, will use sourcing agreements, lobbying, research and foodservice to empower “broadscale change.”

  • Cows, cattle, eating feed
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    Nikola Stojadinovic via Getty Images

    Why addressing methane from meat is the fastest way to reverse climate change

    Both incremental and transformative innovation are needed to help the world hit net zero emissions by 2050, writes Aleph Farms’ Didier Toubia and Karen Hopper of the Tony Blair Institute for Global Change.

  • Mondelez's OreoxRitz mashup
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    Courtesy of Mondelez International

    How Mondelēz boosts impulse buys

    With consumers shopping differently after the pandemic, the snacking giant has retooled its efforts to trigger last-minute purchases on e-commerce and in stores.

  • The USDA Organic seal and Non-GMO Project Verified seal on a white food package
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    Megan Poinski/Food Dive

    Non-GMO Project Verified products saw steep sales growth, study finds

    The certification group and SPINS found that products with the butterfly seal posted bigger increases from 2019 to 2021 than items that billed themselves as non-GMO or had no indication whether they contained bioengineered ingredients.

  • Chobani
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    Courtesy of Chobani

    Chobani pulls planned IPO

    A spokesperson with the Greek yogurt maker cited “current market conditions” as the reason for the delay and said the company remains focused on “execution and driving profitable growth.”

  • Gatorade, PepsiCo, Fast Twitch
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    Courtesy of PepsiCo

    Gatorade debuts its first-ever caffeinated energy drink Fast Twitch

    The beverage, which has no sugar or carbonation, contains 200 milligrams of caffeine and B vitamins. It will hit store shelves in February.

  • Kidfresh wine collection
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    Courtesy of Kidfresh

    Leftovers: Kidfresh makes wine to take the edge off mealtime whining; Old El Paso pockets tortilla mishaps

    The frozen meal company partnered with Ancestry Cellars to give a more adult dimension to those bites kids didn’t eat, and Evil Genius Beer Company worked with Auntie Anne’s to make a buttery Oktoberfest brew.

  • General Mills' Wellston, Ohio, pizza plant.
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    Retrieved from Ohio Southeast Economic Development on August 31, 2022

    General Mills invests $100M to expand Totino’s pizza plant

    The project will add 30 new jobs to the Southeast Ohio facility, which is one of the CPG’s largest in the United States.

  • Boxes of Simulate's plant-based chicken Nuggs, Tenders, Crispy Cutlet and Strips arranged on a white background.
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    Permission granted by Simulate

    Simulate launches Strips and Cutlets with an eye on foodservice

    The new plant-based chicken products are produced using high moisture extrusion, which can create a fibrous texture more similar to actual meat.

  • Impossible Foods' Chili Mac on a white plate, sitting on a yellow tiled countertop with the branded box in the lower left corner.
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    Courtesy of Impossible Foods

    Impossible Foods launches frozen meals

    The plant-based meat company’s new bowls feature different cuisines with its beef, chicken and pork alternatives as the main focus.

  • An array of four baking ingredients in silver bowls sitting on a checked kitchen towel with a partial stick of butter, a wire whisk and a measuring spoon sitting near the middle.
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    "Ingredients" by Andrea Goh is licensed under CC BY 2.0

    Puratos partners with Shiru on egg replacements for bakery

    Through this agreement, the legacy ingredients company will be able to get functional proteins found by the food tech startup to market faster.

  • Nestle, Kit Kat, vegan
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    Courtesy of Nestle

    Nestlé launches vegan KitKat in 15 European countries

    The bar, which uses a rice-based substitute in place of dairy, is getting an expanded rollout as products from Hershey and Mondelēz remain in testing or debut in a limited release.

  • Walmart beef
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    Courtesy of Walmart

    Walmart acquires minority stake in processor Sustainable Beef

    The retailer, which has been building out an end-to-end supply chain for Angus beef, will help the rancher-owned company open a processing facility in Nebraska. 

  • dot's, pretzels, Hershey
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    Retrieved from Dot's Homestyle Pretzels.
    Deep Dive

    How CPGs are using M&A to boost manufacturing amid supply disruptions

    While dealmaking often focuses on food or beverage brands, more companies are buying plants to ramp up production, widen an offering’s reach and lessen dependence on outside manufacturers.

  • A bowl of granola cereal is next to a lying-down carton of Neutral Foods' Organic 2% Milk on a blue background.
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    Courtesy of Neutral Foods

    Neutral Foods gets $12M for zero-carbon dairy expansion

    The sustainable milk brand backed by Bill Gates, Mark Cuban and LeBron James plans to double the number of stores in which it is sold by the end of the year.

  • Image attribution tooltip
    Alex Wong via Getty Images

    Kraft Heinz opens new California distribution center

    The facility will focus on operational speed and help reduce the CPG’s carbon footprint.