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  • A pair of hands works with fermentation equipment in Paleo's lab.
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    Courtesy of Paleo

    How Paleo is using biochemistry to bring plant-based mammoth meat to consumers

    The European startup uses precision fermentation to create heme commonly found in beef, chicken, pork, lamb and tuna — in addition to the long-extinct mammal — to make analogs taste more like the animal proteins they replace.

  • A blue Air Up water bottle sits on a brown seat next to a window.
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    Courtesy of Air Up

    Flavor by a nose: How Air Up uses scent to make water taste better

    The European company, which just launched in the U.S., uses its specially designed water bottle and pods containing natural fragrances as a way to get consumers to hydrate.

  • Coca-Cola 100% recycled bottles.
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    Courtesy of Coca-Cola

    Sprite shifting from green to clear bottles to boost recycling

    Coca-Cola, which is also moving to 100% recycled plastic Dasani bottles in North America, aims to support a circular packaging economy.

  • Harvesting machine approaching with the foreground of golden wheat
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    jodie777 via Getty Images

    ADM’s profit jumps 74% on higher grain prices and demand

    CEO Juan Luciano said he is optimistic that Russia’s agreement to end its blockade on Ukrainian ports could open up supplies, but warned of the impact to global food markets if it does not follow through.

  • An assortment of Clif bars.
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    JacobVanHouten via Getty Images

    Mondelēz confident Clif Bar will lead category comeback

    Consumers’ return to mobility and the snack giant’s massive resources will put the bar maker on track for profitable growth, CEO Dirk Van de Put said.

  • Woodbridge Wine Soda, Constellation Brands
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    Courtesy of Constellation Brands

    Constellation Brands debuts Woodbridge wine and soda mashup

    The ready-to-drink offering, available in pop flavors like lemon lime and orange, is targeted at consumers who want wine that is more accessible and less intimidating.

  • A box of Fruit Punch Capri Sun on a blue background with a juice pouch in the foreground.
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    Courtesy of Kraft Heinz

    Capri Sun cuts sugar 40% by reformulating with monk fruit

    The largest renovation in the juice pouch brand’s history will put Kraft Heinz more than halfway toward its goal of significant portfolio-wide sugar reduction.

    Updated July 27, 2022
  • Laird Superfood, bar
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    Courtesy of Laird Superfood

    Laird Superfood enters snacking category with new bar

    While its functional foods with clean ingredients are on trend, the upstart has struggled since going public in 2020, with its shares down 91%.

  • Row of coke bottles
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    Scott Olson via Getty Images

    Coca-Cola increased marketing spend to create brand value amid price hikes

    Despite pressures on consumer spending, the company saw net revenues grow in Q2 due in part to the recovery of away-from-home channels.

  • Chicken
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    Dimas Ardian via Getty Images

    Cargill, Sanderson and Wayne Farms to pay $85M to settle DOJ wage suit

    Days after the closing of Cargill and Continental Grain’s purchase of Sanderson Farms, the government accused the poultry processors of conspiring to suppress worker pay.

  • A person holds a silver-wrapped Choco Taco ice cream novelty
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    "Choco Taco." by tbiley is licensed under CC BY 2.0

    Unilever discontinues Choco Taco

    The CPG giant said it needed to make “very tough decisions” in response to the “unprecedented spike in demand” during the last two years.

  • Nestle, plant, Mexico, Nescafe
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    Courtesy of Nestle

    Nestlé opens $340M Nescafé coffee factory in Mexico

    The plant, which creates 1,200 new jobs in the region, makes the U.S. neighbor the food and beverage giant’s main coffee producer.

  • energy drinks
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    Courtesy of PepsiCo

    PepsiCo prevails in Mtn Dew Rise trademark case

    An appeals court downplayed the strength of an upstart coffee company’s “Rise” trademark while noting significant differences between its can and the beverage giant’s energy drink.

  • Kellogg factory Battle Creek Michigan
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    Rey Del Rio via Getty Images

    Kellogg workers push for union at MorningStar Farms plant

    Employees at an Ohio factory producing plant-based foods seek to organize ahead of the CPG’s split into three companies.

  • private labe
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    Christopher Doering/Food Dive

    Private label demand surging as inflation rages: report

    Store brand categories showing the biggest gains so far this year are baking mixes, up 40%, and soup, climbing 17%, according to shopper intelligence firm Catalina.

  • Sanderson Farms, chicken
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    Permission granted by Sanderson Farms

    Cargill and Continental Grain close $4.5B purchase of Sanderson Farms

    The transaction, which was announced last August and creates the third-largest U.S. poultry processor, was delayed by a Justice Department review.

    Updated July 22, 2022
  • Truly margarita hard seltzer
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    Courtesy of Truly Hard Seltzer

    Boston Beer stung by declining hard seltzer demand

    The Truly maker is under pressure as the once popular alcohol category has fallen out of favor with more consumers turning to ready-to-drink cocktails and other offerings.

  • Wright Brand Bacon
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    Courtesy of Wright Brand Bacon

    Leftovers: Wright Brand sprays bacon cologne; Hi-Chew lowers its sugar

    The Tyson-owned brand harnesses the scent of the popular meat product, and YumEarth debuts antioxidant-rich lollipops to boost immunity.

  • A roasted vegetable pizza sits on a wooden board
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    Courtesy of Amy's Kitchen

    Amy's Kitchen closes California factory, eliminating 331 jobs

    The organic foods company, which has been in the news for reports of employee mistreatment, said the San Jose frozen pizza facility had monthly operating losses of $1 million.

  • Stubborn Soda, PepsiCo
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    Christopher Doering/Food Dive

    How PepsiCo uses Stubborn Soda to win over new audiences

    The premium beverage, which jumped from a retail offer to a restaurant exclusive, features unique flavor combinations and consumer-friendly attributes like Fair Trade Certified cane sugar.

  • A person slices a Meati Crispy Cutlet on a white cutting board that sits on a coral-colored counter.
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    Courtesy of Meati Foods

    Meati nets $150M investment for expansion as products hit store shelves

    The funding will help the mycelium-based meat analog company complete its “Mega Ranch” facility, which will supply all Sprouts Farmers Market stores later this year. Chipotle’s venture fund was among the investors.

  • Salt shaker on slate board
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    George Dolgikh via Getty Images

    Research links salt use to premature death

    A study published in European Heart Journal found life expectancy for those who always add the seasoning to food is reduced 1.5 years for women and 2.3 years for men. 

  • ReGrained Kerry protein crisp bar p
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    Courtesy of Upcycled Foods Inc.

    Kerry partners with Upcycled Foods on protein crisp from spent brewing grains

    This new ingredient is the first in a partnership between the global company and the recently renamed maker of the ReGrained brand.

  • Heinz premium products
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    Courtesy of Kraft Heinz

    Kraft Heinz debuts premium line of sauces and spreads

    The offerings, which include Infused Honeys and Crunch Sauces, were developed with award-winning chefs to help consumers who are doing more of their cooking at home.

  • The sign identifying the FDA headquarters in front of its building in White Oak, Maryland.
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    Sarah Silbiger via Getty Images

    FDA to review food program structure for potential overhaul

    The U.S. food regulatory system has long been a target of criticism and legislative reform efforts. It has recently come under fire following high-profile failings, including the baby formula recall.