Tracking the plant-based protein movement

From plant-based burgers to chik’n nuggets, stay up-to-date on product launches and company histories with our tracker.
Kendall Davis/Food Dive

From plant-based burgers to chick’n nuggets, companies have launched a variety of new products, made acquisitions and forged partnerships to be in the meat alternative space. According to the Good Food Institute, $5.9 billion has been invested in alternative protein companies — plant-based, fermentation and cultivated or cell-based — between 2010 and 2020.

Retail sales in the space also continue to grow. In 2020, plant-based meat had $1.4 billion in sales and made up 2.7% of all U.S. retail packaged meat sales, according to SPINS data released by the Good Food Institute and the Plant Based Foods Association. And sales of plant-based protein and meat alternatives are projected to keep on growing, hitting a whopping $85 billion in 2030, according to a 2019 study from investment firm UBS.

Almost two-thirds of consumers said they had eaten at least one plant-based meat product in the previous year, according to a November 2021 study by the International Food Information Council. Of those consumers, 20% said they eat them at least weekly and 22% eat them daily. The top three reasons that consumers said they ate plant-based products were for their perceived healthfulness, high-quality protein and taste. Environmental and sustainability benefits were a top reason for 23% of consumers, and many alternative protein companies tout their relatively low carbon footprints.

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