REVEAL Sensory to Address Challenges Presented by Globalization, Speed To Market and High Costs

June 17, 2021

Newly formed company aims to fill F&B industry demand for expediency and cost-efficient Quantitative Descriptive Analysis

SAN DIEGO, CA - Citing ongoing challenges around efficiency and affordability in the acquisition of sensory data for products in the food and beverage industry, several industry veterans are looking to alter the sensory descriptive analysis landscape in forming REVEAL Sensory. The company will perform Descriptive Sensory Testing for brands, private labels, and manufacturers, supplying R&D and marketing teams with valuable data and insights to make informed decisions.

“REVEAL Sensory provides one of the most powerful analytical sensory tools, a quantitative approach to descriptive analysis”, explained Janet Williams, Director of Sensory Research at REVEAL Sensory. “REVEAL Sensory will describe and quantify differences between products by creating a rich sensory language and scoring samples. It is one of the most useful product testing methods available due to its versatility and ability to address numerous test objectives.”

With an efficient operating model and by maintaining a ready-to-commence trained panel, REVEAL Sensory is prepared to operate at the increasingly challenging pace set by internal management teams.  Additionally, manufacturers are faced with meeting demand from food-savvy consumers for more traditional, ethnic and exotic flavor profiles. This trend, fueled by globalization, and in conjunction with shortened product development timelines emphasizes the importance of descriptive sensory testing.

“According to our own research, borne from conversations across the industry—from executives to the brilliant folks tasked with developing and marketing products at an increasingly rapid pace—what we hear is frustration,” observed Chris Faridniya, REVEAL Sensory’s Director of Sales and Marketing. “Management teams cite high costs associated with this type of research, red tape, and an overall sluggish experience that does not match their desire to get to market quickly while also collecting the sensory data to make informed decisions.”

REVEAL Sensory collaborates with clients to ensure the evaluation is designed to manage test objectives and answer the questions at hand, whether they are in early-stage development or modifying an existing product. Critical to the success of each evaluation, REVEAL Sensory will identify and recommend the products to include in the evaluation. REVEAL Sensory’s quantitative descriptive approach provides an overview of the appearance, aroma, flavor, taste, and texture of all products in the set. REVEAL Sensory interprets the data collected to provide critical insights that enable companies to make informed decisions. 

“We maintain a core belief that an operating model that is efficient is capable of lessening the impact on budget, without compromising integrity or standards,” said Faridniya. “This nimble operating model benefits our clients and distinguishes our services from many other options, allowing us the flexibility and agility to deliver a high level of customer service devoid of much of the overhead and bureaucracy that can be encountered from larger organizations.”

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