New Partnership: Adadapted and IRI to Provide Increased Attribution for Mobile Grocery List Advertising Tool

Posted Mar 18, 2021

ANN ARBOR, MICHIGAN: AdAdapted, a mobile advertising platform that specializes in Add-to-List media for CPG, has partnered with IRI and its shopper marketing solution, Ansa, which automatically delivers unbiased insights into campaign sales performance.

The partnership will help AdAdapted prove out the real-time effectiveness of campaigns designed to drive shoppers to add promoted CPG products to their mobile grocery lists. IRI will be providing AdAdapted with daily store-level analytics and insights on campaign performance at major retailers. Through this exciting partnership, CPG brands and agencies will be able to further refine targeting, optimize current programs, and strategize for future campaigns.  

AdAdapted’s core solution, Add-It™, allows grocery shoppers to add promoted products directly to their mobile lists with a single, non-disruptive click. By leveraging IRI’s Ansa solution and its capabilities, AdAdapted can execute campaigns with more intelligence and further attribute in-store sales to each list-add for their CPG clients. 

IRI will assist AdAdapted before, during, and after each campaign. During the planning stage, IRI will help identify the stores best suited for targeted advertising. While campaigns are live, IRI will enable AdAdapted to optimize campaigns and shift budgets more effectively. When each program wraps, IRI will provide AdAdapted with measurable results such as incremental lift and sales dollars. 

“We are excited to work alongside IRI with its sophisticated Ansa solution to measure the effectiveness of campaigns across the AdAdapted network. This partnership will help us maximize intelligence before, during, and after our clients’ campaigns.” said Mike Pedersen, AdAdapted’s CEO. “By leveraging their expertise in mobile attribution, we can instill confidence amongst our clients that their marketing efforts are not only reaching and engaging grocery shoppers, but actually driving sales.” 

“As a leading attribution solution built to connect CPG digital campaigns to in-store results, IRI is excited to provide AdAdapted with the ability to further prove campaign success and sales,” said Michael Quinn, senior vice president of Shopper Marketing for the IRI Media Center of Excellence. “We are looking forward to empowering AdAdapted’s proprietary Add-to-List technology with our campaign analytics. AdAdapted’s unique solution enables shoppers to add promoted items to their list with a single click. Ansa is now able to support AdAdapted’s unique tech, help close the loop, and prove campaign impact through measurable sales.” 

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AdAdapted ( is the leading add-to-list mobile advertising and insights platform built for CPG brands, agencies, and retailers. AdAdapted’s powerful list data and unique ad products help the world’s top CPGs meet their most important goals. With 110MM+ US shoppers using a mobile grocery list app, AdAdapted has built a distinct audience and ad offering no other solution can provide. No one gets branded products on the list like AdAdapted.