Spoonshot Launches A Localised Version Of Its Trend Prediction Platform For Australia

March 13, 2020

Minneapolis, March 13, 2020-- Spoonshot, a food AI company that equips the food and beverage industry with unprecedented foresight of emerging market needs, today announced its launch in the Australian market. Spoonshot’s proprietary technology is infused with food science algorithms that help Australian food and beverage brands unlock hidden opportunities derived from emerging market needs.  

“After the US, building a localised version of our technology for the Australian market was an obvious next step for Spoonshot. Australia is a country with a rich and diverse food economy. We’re excited about the opportunity to support local brands with their innovation challenges using our unique data sets.” said Spoonshot Co-Founder & CEO, Kishan Vasani.

Benefits of the platform include: 

- Unintuitive and personalised intelligence connecting brands to unmet consumers needs

- Novel innovation ideas, instead of incremental ones

- Empowering brands to move towards becoming trendsetters through timely trend predictions 

Access to an unprecedented data set: Spoonshot analyses more than 2,100 long-tail data sources including research, social, IP, blogs and much more. 

Answering business problems such as 'what's the next big thing in beverages?' or 'how can we leverage the plant-based movement? or ‘what line extension is going to be a hit?’.

Several Australian brands have already been benefiting from Spoonshot’s insights including Primo Foods, which is the largest producer of ham, bacon, smallgoods, and food products in the Southern Hemisphere, and part of meat processing giant JBS, the world’s second-largest food company. “With Spoonshot’s technology, Primo Foods has enhanced its understanding of local market needs, global food trends, and is building a new level of conviction for our innovation pipeline,'' said Renaud Frisé, Head of Digital.

For more information on Spoonshot, visit https://spoonshot.com/.

About Spoonshot:

Spoonshot is on a mission to power genuine agile innovation for the food & beverage industry. Our intelligence details emerging market and consumer needs by transforming long-tail, open information from diverse, authentic data sources. We connect these disparate data sets via our proprietary food science infused algorithms, to deliver personalized insights, predict trends, and identify innovation opportunities.