FilStop (formerly Phil-Am Food), an online and retail store of Filipino food to customers world-wide, has been rebranded

FilStop (formerly part of Phil-Am Food Mart, Inc.) is a hidden gem located in Jersey City, New Jersey.  FilStop,, stocks over 10,000 Filipino-Asian products, including fresh meat and fish. The store offers a wide variety of hot, authentic Filipino food, prepared fresh daily for take-out, or eat in. The eat-in area has seating for 40 people and is decorated with stunning pictures of The Philippines.  The front of the store resembles a beautiful grocery, while the back of the store is a replica of being back home in the Philippines with its native charm.

The online business delivers thousands of Filipino products to countries world-wide —nearly everything carried in the shop — including the United States, Canada, Russia, United Kingdom and Germany, to name a few.

"We've grown from a small family store to a world-wide provider of Filipino food, and we will continue to see exponential growth over the coming years,” says FilStop President Erwin Santos. “As we continue to forge a world-wide brand, the name change was important to ensure we were building a brand that was uniquely ours."

When asked what the name change means for customers, Santos says its business as usual. “FilStop will continue to provide the best selection of Filipino grocery items and the personal customer service that our retail outlet was built on.”

The only difference, says Santos, is that FilStop’s reach is now much larger than the East Coast of the United States. “We’re making Filipino food available to everyone in the world.”

Filstop began in 1971 when three sisters and their husbands came together to sell Filipino food from a garage, moving to a small store two years later in 1973. From these humble beginnings, the company grew to become the largest retailer of Filipino food on the East Coast of the United States. The company continues to grow as the next generation of the family takes the reigns, launching to sell Filipino food online as The World’s One-Stop Filipino-Asian Shop.