5th Generation Dairy “Butters Consumers Up” for National Dairy Month

Minerva Dairy Hosts “Get Buttered Up” Campaign, Delivers Weekly Affirmations and Serves Local Food Pantry

MINERVA, OH (May 31, 2016) – Minerva Dairy, America's oldest family-owned cheese and butter dairy, will celebrate National Dairy Month with a “Get Buttered Up” campaign that aims to inspire and enlighten. With a full year of weekly affirmations meant to “butter you up,” Minerva Dairy will share positive and inspirational messages with consumers who sign up via email. Upon signing up, they will also have the opportunity to win a Minerva Dairy prize pack complete with a robust supply of product, cookware courtesy of Swiss Diamond and a cash prize of $250. Minerva Dairy will also “butter up” the company’s local food pantry with a generous contribution. Participants can receive weekly affirmations and enter to win by visiting Minerva Dairy online during the month of June.

The “Get Buttered Up” campaign, hosted during National Dairy Month in June, is the ideal opportunity to celebrate Minerva Dairy as a fifth generation-owned dairy while offering consumers 52 weeks of positive affirmations and a friendly competition that ultimately benefits the Minerva community. Once they sign up for the weekly affirmations, consumers will be entered to win the grand prize. Awarded to one consumer chosen at random at the conclusion of National Dairy Month on June 30, it will include one $250 gift card and a robust supply of Minerva Dairy’s signature Amish Roll Butter plus a collection of premium Swiss Diamond cookware. Five additional gift packages, featuring Minerva Dairy product and Minerva Dairy swag, will be distributed among the runner-ups. To further support the community, Minerva Dairy will also donate their Amish Roll Butter to Minerva’s local food bank.

“National Dairy Month reminds us to celebrate the dairy industry and the part we play in it as a sustainable, responsibly sourced dairy,” shares Adam Mueller, CEO at Minerva Dairy and fifth generation family member. “Minerva Dairy has always been invested in the communities we serve. By hosting this year’s “Get Buttered Up” campaign in honor of National Dairy Month, we are proud to be able to give back to consumers in a small way through our weekly affirmations but also in a large way by supporting our local food pantry at the completion of the campaign in the best way we know how: donating our authentic 84% butterfat Amish Roll Butter in the hopes that it will nourish local families as much as it has our own.”


Each product produced at Minerva Dairy is defined by attention to detail. From the ingredients to the production process and from the taste to the texture, supreme quality sets the fifth generation-run company apart. Honoring the time-tested process that gives Amish Roll Butter its rich flavor and supreme quality, each product boasts qualities that define excellence for Minerva Dairy. The company features small-batch churned, rBST free, antibiotic-free, vegetarian and gluten free butter with 84% butterfat, a standard that set its Amish Roll Butter apart from commodity butter. The Amish Roll Butter reflects the company’s passion for bringing consumers the very best dairy available from healthy, grass-fed, pasture-raised cows.


About Minerva Dairy

Minerva Dairy is America’s oldest family-owned dairy, producing traditionally made cheese and butter from pasture-raised cows. Five generations strong, the Minerva Dairy family continues to use farm-fresh milk, old fashion churns and wholesome ingredients. It takes consumers back to an era when lifestyles were simpler, invites them to slow down and enjoy each product with their families just as the Minerva Dairy family has since 1894.