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Foster Customer Loyalty Through Transparency

The shift in the public’s interest in healthy ingredients and where they come from has moved from the latest trend to a full cultural shift. Consumers not only want to know the complete list of ingredients and nutritionals for the food they eat but where and how products are sourced and handled. If this information isn’t available, it creates a air of distrust with today’s savvy consumers and they will look for companies that are align with their values and needs.

This information is becoming increasingly mandatory, not just because of FSMA and regulations but because customers are demanding it. With globalization and increased imports from foreign suppliers, regulations as well as consumer expectations for food quality and safety has dramatically risen in the past few years.

Forward thinking companies are responding by making transparency part of their strategic business initiatives. The good news is that for food companies who are making transparency a priority are being rewarded by customer loyalty plus they are willing to pay more for these products.

However, for companies to provide this transparency, protect their brand image and earn their customers’ trust, they need full end-to-end supply chain traceability technology to modernize their processes and access real time data. By centralizing your data, it creates a single source of truth to make data-informed decisions, remain compliant all while empowering your consumers to make safer, more informed decisions about the food they eat.

To learn what 2,000+ U.S. consumers expect from your food traceability, food recall and foodborne illness prevention efforts, download this document now.