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Demand for clean-label products continues to grow. Many food and beverage companies, both big and small, have been surprised at how quickly the trend has disrupted traditional market shares. Leading companies are investing time and effort into understanding not only what customers want, but how their existing products can adapt to the trend--or whether they'll need to introduce new clean-label lines.

Just as important as what to sell is understanding how to make and profit from it. Where can your company capitalize on clean-label products with modest changes to internal processes and your supply chain? Which products meet consumer expectations but haven't yet been promoted as "clean label"?

Preliminary clean-label efforts will inform your long-term plans by helping to identify costs and risks around the following areas:

  • Changes to operations and supply chain practices
  • Requirements for new facilities and equipment
  • Recruitment of new growers and suppliers
  • Upgrades or replacements for supply chain and customer-focused business systems

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