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White Paper: How to prepare your employees and business for ERP

For mid to large-size food companies, implementing an ERP means major organization change. This kind of change can be hard on employees and can lead to fractured workflow and production bottlenecks. These risks can lead to organizations hesitating or even putting off an implementation, a decision that can bring its own setbacks including stagnate growth and the widening of operational blind spots.

Driving change does not have to be something that companies fear. It can be an excellent opportunity to empower team members, reevaluate business practices and set a powerful foundation for the future of an organization.

You need to go in with a game plan though. Without significant planning, road maps and set deliverables, change can end up side lining your business and alienating team members.

In newest JustFood white paper, we highlight 8 steps to facilitating effective organization change. Some of these steps include:

  • Creating a sense of urgency and excitement around change

  • Building a strong leadership team that can drive adoption rates

  • Effectively removing obstacles to progress

  • Creating quick wins to maintain momentum

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