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Recalls happen a lot. While only a small fraction of these recalls make it to the media and the eyes and ears of consumers, the pervasiveness of recalls doesn’t mean they’re any less damaging. In fact, consumers are paying more attention than ever.

The average cost of a recall to a food company is around $10 million in direct costs not including brand damage and lost sales. The difference between a long, drawn-out, reputation-ruining recall and a quicker solution boils down to preparedness. As consumers continue to set a precedent for food companies to be more transparent companies need a centralized technology platform that enables faster execution and more targeted recall management across their supply chain.

We’ve created a checklist that will explain how recalls work and how your brand can avoid a devastating loss.

  • FDA Recall Overview: Overview of recall classifications that affect the food industry, as defined by the FDA.

  • Step-by-Step Checklist: Steps every food safety professional should know to effectively address a food recall.

  • Recall Risk Mitigation: Tips and strategies for reducing your risk and the brand damage associated with recalls.