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Product Transparency A to Z: What Every Brand Must Know

New paper examines how brands can capitalize on more selective shoppers

Evolving consumer preferences, new government regulations and shrinking packaging real estate have all shaped a “product transparency” movement throughout the consumer packaged goods (CPG) industry. And this movement is being fueled by younger, tech-savvy shoppers who are less loyal to brands, and more drawn to unfiltered product information.

Product transparency is often perceived by brands as a threat, exposing them to unwanted competition and pressuring them to adopt more expensive practices. However, a new Digimarc report looks at product transparency through the lens of opportunity, as a vehicle to modernize, engage and eventually drive new customer loyalty.   

Read the comprehensive report to learn about:

  • Survey data on changing consumer expectations and buying preferences
  • New regulations impacting packaging requirements
  • The challenges of designing packaging to be both attractive and informative
  • Industry initiatives like SmartLabel™ that promote product transparency
  • Packaging technologies that enable digital product transparency