Industry Dive’s press release service launches Visibility Reports

April 19, 2021

WASHINGTON, DC April 19, 2021 - Industry Dive’s new Press Release Distribution Service connects business-minded readers to company news, announcements or other noteworthy information shared by industry leaders. 

Industry Dive readers can view company announcements in our press release feeds. This means company PR teams and agency representatives can share news directly with interested readers at the same moment the media receive the news.

Each time a PR team posts an announcement, they will now recieve a Visibility Report — a new feature to track the press release’s reach after it’s distributed. The Visibility Report arrives 7 days after the post and outlines: 

- Confirmed newsletter opens and subscriber numbers 

- A link to the press release landing page 

- A link to the Daily Dive newsletter issue that featured the press release

- The number of monthly visitors to the Industry Dive publication where the announcement appeared

- A breakdown of job roles held by the newsletter subscribers 

As communications teams develop outreach strategies for news or other announcements, the choice to post a press release to an Industry Dive publication guarantees visibility to industry peers and thousands of readers who view the releases as they are posted. It opens up the opportunity to have conversations with industry peers. 

We listened to PR teams across our audience and learned that announcements sent via larger newswire services end up buried under other emails or posted across random Internet sites where the target audience may not come across the news. They needed a way to guarantee their announcement would be seen the moment it was released. Industry Dive prides itself on the quality of its engaged audiences and has created a self-serve portal to allow communications managers to post news right away to reach those readers. 

To be clear, posting a press release to the site doesn’t guarantee or even influence if the newsroom will cover a news story. However, we can guarantee - with the new visibility report to back it up  - that messages go in front of the right readers and get a quality ranking on Google. 

For $279, Industry Dive will host your release indefinitely on a professionally designed site-specific landing page. The announcement will appear under the Company Announcements section of the newsletters and across the website for 21 days. Unlike other services, after the release goes live, it can be edited or deleted to give companies total control over the message.  Seven days after you post your release, we will send a link to a customized Visibility Report to download and share with your team or clients.

Visit Industry Dive’s Press Release Distribution Service page for more details and watch for more updates to the product. To discuss press release packages or audience demographics please reach out to [email protected]