VOGUE VINAIGRETTE Superfood Balsamics – Combines healthy superfood ingredients with fun lifestyle, and excellent innovative tastes

Posted Mar 15, 2020


Vogue Vinaigrette has been founded 2017 in Chicago with the clear goal to conquer the market for fresh and healthy salad dressings. Vogue Vinaigrette dressings are the “next-level edition” of balsamic vinaigrettes using only high-quality ingredients and extra health-boosting superfoods. Every ingredient has a nutritional benefit for our body. They are organic, vegan and sweetened only with fruit. No sugars added, no gums, no emulsifiers, no thickeners, or questionable ingredients.

Carolin Loelkes, founder of Vogue Vinaigrette, explains: “With our dressings we want to support people who are interested in healthy, wholesome eating without any questionable stuff. People have often busy schedules and need a convenient, yummy, and healthy, solution without compromising their values.  With our products, consumers know what they get, and it makes them feel good. Better Dressing – Better Salad – Better YOU.”

Currently they offer six vinaigrette flavors with more creamy varieties following soon. The company encourages people to try different usages with their dressings. “Our products are versatile. You can use them as dressing, dip, as a marinade, as a sauce for wraps/sandwiches, or as seasoning. Please try, it´s simple and you will get a great result”. The dressings are meanwhile available in 30+ grocery stores in Chicagoland. In addition, they are used by several restaurants and juice bars. Since end of 2019 Vogue Vinaigrette dressings are also available on where they became a regular “Amazon’s choice” for categories like “vegan salad dressing”. Likewise, several flavors are constantly in the Top100 listings for vinaigrettes on Amazon.

Main target audience are women who long for getting healthy food for their families, but also look for a cool branding and lifestyle feeling. Vogue Vinaigrette dressings are very diet-friendly and a great option for people eating vegan, keto, low carb or low sugar. The flavor profiles are great and innovative in the market. The Mango Passion dressing, for example, is an explosion of tropical flavor. Like that it fits excellently on more than just classic salads: it is great on fruit salads, leafy greens, and grilled chicken or seafood. Or go for the Lemon Love to add an incredibly refreshing lemony-ginger flavor. Italian Balsamic on the other hand is a very classic a blend of finely aged balsamic with superior extra virgin olive oil to dress, stir veggies, or make a Mediterranean sauce.

Check out www.vogue-vinaigrette to get more information about this amazing company and their products.