Munchy Pops delivers flavor and nutrition in American twist on native Indian Fox nut

Posted Mar 14, 2020

Munchy Pops enters U.S. health-foods market with delicious superfood snack traditionally known as Makhana or popped Water Lily seeds.


Chicago, IL, March 14, 2020 - Munchy Pops, the new superfood snack brand, introduces a unique kind of snack to the American health-food market. Fox nut, known in India as Makhana, has been consumed for thousands of years and is known for its medicinal qualities in the world’s oldest holistic healing system, “Ayurveda.” It is a natural food packed with plant-based protein, making it not only tasty but beneficial for the body. 


As the name suggests, the Water Lily inhabits ponds, growing its seeds underwater. These are then collected, dried, and popped under high heat and pressure to reveal the edible part of the seed, which looks like a white puffball. Munchy Pops sources only sustainably grown and responsibly harvested seeds, putting them through a carefully crafted process that produces their signature crunchy texture. Using all-natural ingredients to add spice to the roasted seeds, Munchy Pops unites classic American flavors with the traditional Indian fox nut. 


Munchy Pops strives for a balance between delicious and good-for-the-body. By expanding the flavors of the Makhana product — from spicy to salty to sweet — the company brings forth a completely new yet pleasantly familiar snack into the U.S. food. “It’s time to share this ancient, health-elevating food with modern, nature-loving consumers,” says one of its founders, Kamlesh Korat.


Munchy Pops are available in five delicious flavors, Sizzling Peri-Peri, Smoky Barbecue, Sweet and Salty, Salt and Pepper and White Cheddar Cheese. For more information about Munchy Pops, please contact [email protected] or visit

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