Botaniline Introduces Food Technology to Create Healthier and Clean Label Processed Proteins

March 09, 2020

BUFFALO, NY---Botaniline, an early stage food science company, has developed an all-natural, plant-based food technology that can be used to create healthier processed meats and plant-based proteins. Botaniline’s one-ingredient substitution of potato allows processed meat and protein manufacturers to improve their existing recipes and eliminate all fillers, binders, allergens, and chemical additives. The result is a reduction in sodium by up to 95% and a product that’s free of all allergens, gluten, MSG, lactose, TVP, and soy while maintaining its quality, flavor, taste, and texture.

“Though plant-based proteins are helping to create more sustainable products that are better for the environment, many of the meatless items are much higher in sodium, fat, and harmful processing chemicals and ingredients,” says Heather Ryan, Director of Marketing for Botaniline. “By substituting a percentage of the meat block with our plant-based ingredient, processors have the opportunity to create both a healthier and more sustainable product that tastes great.”

This innovative food technology was invented in the test-kitchens of century-old Wardynski & Sons by Dean O’Brien, Botaniline co-founder and Principal Food Scientist. It has been fully approved by the USDA and Food and Drug Administration (FDA), and it is in full commercial use. Wardynski & Sons, a Buffalo, N.Y.-based processor, has used the product in its hot dogs, sausages, bologna and other products.

“The Botaniline ingredient allows the processor to replace 10 to 20 percent of the meat block. Our R&D team works closely with processors to help create new recipes that remove unnecessary chemical additives, allergens and fillers on current and future SKU items,” Ryan says. “The result is a healthier, better tasting and more sustainable product.”

Botaniline will be presenting their technology at the Clean Label Conference Super Summit at the end of the month. They hope to partner with additional manufacturers and ingredient companies to bring healthier processed protein products to schools, government agencies, healthcare facilities, and retailers worldwide.

About Botaniline

Botaniline is an early stage company located in Buffalo, NY. They are a spin-off of Wardynski & Sons, a Buffalo meat manufacturing business established in 1919. The Botaniline food technology substitutes 100% all natural, vegetable based ingredients to create low sodium, allergen-free, and chemical free products. Their meat protein breakthrough technology is in full commercial use throughout the United States, and they are working with select strategic partners to bring their science into Canada, South America, Europe, and Asia. For more information, visit

Media Contact: Heather Ryan, [email protected], 716-432-3612