Cereal Killers: Shopkick’s National Cereal Day Survey Reveals Delicious Data

Posted Feb 25, 2019

Cereal Killers: Shopkick’s National Cereal Day Survey Reveals Delicious Data

Consumers dish on preferred brands, the mascot most likely to win a fight, and which “milk” wins 2019

REDWOOD CITY, Calif. -- February 26, 2019 -- Whether you like your cereal soggy or crunchy, sweet or plain, we can all agree that this breakfast classic is a beloved household staple. With National Cereal Day approaching on March 7th, it’s time to grab your spoons and dig into your favorite bowl of cereal.

Shopkick, the leading shopping rewards app surveyed more than 43,000 shoppers across the country to discover how they buy, eat, and think about America’s favorite breakfast food.

Here’s the scoop on cereal:

Go-to Grain: 84 percent of respondents buy brand name vs. generic brand cereal.

Food Fight: 80 percent of Americans agree that Tony the Tiger would come out victorious in a cereal mascot fight; Captain Crunch would take the silver medal (10 percent), with Trix Rabbit taking home the bronze (7 percent).

Milking It: Despite the rise in popularity of almond, soy and oat milk, the majority of shoppers (74 percent) prefer regular milk; nine out of ten people add milk after pouring cereal further enforcing that most cereal-lovers (85 percent) enjoy their cereal crunchy versus soggy (9 percent) or dry (6 percent).

Retail Rituals: When it comes to purchase decision, 65 percent of shoppers buy cereal from a supermarket over big box stores (28 percent) and take only one-two minutes to make their decision (56 percent).

Biting Off More Than They Chew: While most people (49 percent) consume less than one box of cereal per week, 41 percent buy two boxes per shopping trip.

Factoring in Flavor: Fifty percent of shoppers make their purchase decision based on flavor over nutritional value (18 percent), price (17 percent), and children’s preference (15 percent).

Think Outside the Box: When asked what flavor they’d like to see on the shelves, Everything Bagel took the lead with 40 percent, followed by Bacon & Eggs (29 percent), Avocado Toast (13 percent) Biscuits & Gravy (12 percent), and Chilaquiles (5 percent).

Shopkick conducted a survey of 43,442 users to gain insights into shoppers purchase behavior and attitudes towards cereal. The survey was conducted from February 14, 2019 to February 15, 2019.

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