Kiki Keeps Flustering Mustard Lovers With Her Chickpeas Condiment Creations And Sets Upcoming Launch For New Brand Look And New Flavor

Posted Oct 22, 2018

(Scranton, PA, October 22,2018)  -  Have you been Flustered? That’s what creator and owner of Kiki’s Mustards, Kristen Langan, wants to know. Her mustards, made with chickpeas, are set to launch a new look and a new hot flavor addition on November 2nd. With inspired new labels, which distinguish the “Kiki” image, and now a trio of flavors, the launch clearly positions the novelty of the brand in the marketplace. 


Langan, a Scranton native, said of the craft condiments, “Kiki’s is the only craft mustard made with chickpeas, giving it a flavor and hearty mouthfeel unlike anything out there. The current “Kiki” refresh coincides with request from customers asking for a hot flavor, so it is the perfect time for both.”


Kiki’s began in 2013 as a hobby while Langan was living in Colorado. A move back east and continued interest in the one of a kind condiment lead Langan to add a second flavor and employ a co-packer for mass production. The mustards have been embraced not only locally, but nationally, and can be found at local stores and two locations in Brooklyn, NY. Langan is in the process of securing shelf space in larger grocery stores. As to why she created the mustard, “My goal was to make a healthy option for a snack and mustard has always been my favorite. Chickpeas were the perfect addition. Kiki’s pairs with everything from eggs, veggies, and fish, to pretzels and pizza. Kiki’s pairs well with life”


The newest hot flavor, was a response to customers asking if the current “3 Pepper” flavor was hot. “3 Pepper is smokey”, Langan added, “its new name will reflect that. The new hot flavor brings the heat with wasabi, habaneros and more, but also has chia seeds added in for a health benefit.” The Original flavor remains the same. 


A Launch party to unveil the new flavor, sampling of al flavors, and meet “Kiki” is set for November 2nd at Lavish Home and Body at 600 Linden Street in Scranton. 



About Kiki’s


Kiki’s Flustered Mustard LLC was established in 2017, and officially launched the Classic flavor. In 2018, 3 Pepper was added. Prior to that, creator Kristen Langan had been making her chickpea mustard as gifts for friends. Now famously the only craft mustard made with chickpeas, Kiki’s has changed it’s tagline to “Mind Your Mouth” in order to better convey the fun personality of the brand and its creator and to remind people eating well tastes great. No artificial flavors or preservatives are used in any Kiki’s product. All ages have fallen for the “fluster” 



Instagram: @kikisflusteredmustard 

Author: Kristen Langan, President