The 2018 ’Top Wine Influencers’ global list is out.

August 21, 2018

The ‘Top Wine Influencers’ series is published twice a year, ranking the best ten international social media wine icons on Instagram platform.


Only influencers who reach a good engagement were included (at least of 3% Engagement Rate calculated with ).






Engagement Rate +4%

Maximilian Girardi, the italian wine-guru, young successful entrepreneur and wine marketing specialist.

In 2012 he established the award-winning  winery Tenuta Diavoletto and in 2016 he founded Supervinoitalia.

Icy blue eyes and a warm smile, he works with the best wineries and brands.



enrico.onthewine 100k

Engagement Rate +4%

A couple in love and a glass of wine.

Enrico and Diletta share daily quality and creative Instagram contents.




Engagement Rate 5%

Kemal Can Ocak’s Instagram reviews wine with posts that are short, sweet and to the point. His page sticks out from the rest for his delightful signature photo: a wine-filled glass situated in a gorgeous landscape, making the two the perfect pair. His communication method connects wine to the world where it comes from – and offers beautiful photos for inspiring his followers to do the same.



wine.gini 68k

Engagement Rate +4%

Georgia Panagopoulou is a Greek wine fanatic just finishing up her Masters degree in Wine Management. She started her Instagram account when she started studying and traveling around the wine world.

Within only a year, she’s easily become one of the top wine influencers on Instagram. 



enozioni 68k

Engagement Rate +3%

Eleonora Galimberti was born in Milan, Italy, a city of fashion and design made in Italy. Her passions have always been fashion and writing and growing up, Eleonora learned to love wine (her mother comes from the land of Brunello di Montalcino). Eleonora joined a famous Champagne House as their Marketing & Communication Manager then founded Enogallery and Enozioni.



jetsetchristina 54k

Engagement Rate +3%

Born and raised in California, Christina is a true California girl at heart. Her perfect day involves brunching, champagne, snorkeling, and a killer sunset. She has been to 55 countries.



domperignonlovers 54k

Engagement Rate +3%

The official ‘Domperignon lovers’ page on Instagram.

Old Vintages, Limited Editions and Rare Bottles of the brand of vintage Champagne launched by Robert-Jean de Vogué in 1936 and produced by the Champagne house Moët & Chandon .




Engagement Rate +3%

Leanne Beattie shows the bright side of wine making, from the real-life stories behind bottles to her own days in the vineyard.


#9 37k

Engagement Rate +3%

‘Girl meets wine, becomes besotted, drinks copious amounts of it. Not an expert, but can look like one under the right lighting. Pics & words all mine’



kike_sola 35k

Engagement Rate +3%

Enrique "Kike" Sola Clemente is a Spanish retired professional footballer. 

Kike reviews wine with stylish posts.

He is a wine lover and Zalto Ambassador.




‘’By 2020 Millennials will have $1.4 trillion in spending power but they are arguably the hardest demographics to reach.’’ Captiv8