Clean Label

Megan Poinski

Note from the editor

What is clean label?

It's one of the hottest trends in the food business today, but it has never been officially defined. Many manufacturers and consumers think of clean label products as those with shorter ingredients lists made up of items that consumers recognize. In the world of clean labels, chemical-sounding names are out, while simple ingredients are in.

Consumers look for these products as a way to enhance their health. In fact, 91% of consumers believe food and beverage items with recognizable ingredients are healthier, according to Innova Market Insights statistics cited in a clean label campaign. Studies show that when choosing products, consumers prioritize clean labels over brands.

But while clean labels draw consumers' eyes, they also can easily cause confusion. With no real definition of the term, consumers are often unsure what actually makes a clean label. They also tend to think clean label products are healthier, which is not always the case.

This report looks at several aspects of the clean label trend:

  • Why clean label has such staying power and how the trend will continue to evolve.
  • A look at how clean label went from something that differentiated a product to something consumers expect.
  • An interview with former Institute of Food Technologists president Roger Clemens about the challenges and future for clean label.
  • Examining how healthy clean label products truly are.
  • An interview with Lightlife on its campaign urging Impossible Foods and Beyond Meat to clean up their labels.
  • Talking with Kerry's director of marketing insights about how the ingredients company helps manufacturers transition their products to have cleaner labels.
  • Looking at how manufacturers can help consumers trust their cleaner label products.

We hope you enjoy this look at the clean label trend.

Megan Poinski Senior Reporter

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