Red River Commodities announces launch of Suntein™ Sunflower Protein

Posted Nov 02, 2020

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Red River Commodities launches Suntein™ Sunflower Protein Flour


Fargo, ND, October 30, 2020 – Red River Commodities has announced the debut of Suntein™.

Suntein™ is a partially defatted, non-GMO flour boasting an impressive 49% protein value. Made from 100% edible sunflower kernels, this innovative ingredient is non-GMO and Top 8 Allergen Free. Suntein™ has a mild flavor that is suitable for a wide variety of applications including bakery, confectionary, snack food, plant-based meat, seafood, and dairy applications.

“Our product is unique in the plant-based protein category. It contains all 9 essential amino acids and has a very neutral sensory profile.” said Tara Jensen, Suntein™ Business Manager at Red River Commodities. “The versatility that Suntein™ has displayed in product trials suggests a tremendous breadth of application opportunities.”

“Suntein™ is immediately available, and we have capacity to scale quickly to supply large customers. We believe this plant-based protein will have strong demand in the market” said Eric Christianson, President and CEO of Red River Commodities.

The launch of Suntein™ demonstrates Red River Commodities’ continued commitment to providing innovative natural food ingredients of the highest quality standards, without compromise.  For more information or samples please reach out to the Suntein™ team by email to [email protected] or by phone at 701-277-3531.


About Red River Commodities

Red River Commodities, Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Amsterdam Commodities N.V., a publicly traded entity based in Rotterdam, Netherlands that sources, trades and distributes natural food products and ingredients to customers across the globe. Red River Commodities specializes in the production of USA grown confectionary sunflower, and other specialty crops such as flax, millet and pumpkin seeds. It operates from six different US sites, with headquarters in Fargo, North Dakota and production facilities for cleaning, sorting, grinding, custom roasting, packaging and pasteurization in North Dakota, Kansas, and Texas. From there, products for human consumption and wildlife feeding are shipped across the US and exported worldwide. Red River Commodities' customers can be found in the snacking, bakery, and ingredients industry along with the Sunbutter® retail brand and wildlife retail products.