These Expert Dietitian Created Scientifically Backed Cookies Actually Make Your Gut Happy!

Posted Mar 17, 2020

Media Release

March 17th 2020


These Expert Dietitian Created Scientifically Backed Cookies Actually Make Your Gut Happy!


Uplift Food Gut Happy Cookies are set to launch in April 2020 - These dietitian created 100% plant based and high fiber (47% daily requirements) gut healthy sandwich creme cookies pack a mouth watering punch packed with a proprietary blend of 4 diverse prebiotic rich ingredients together with 1B CFU of probiotics, proven scientifically in a clinical research study to reach your gut, support your digestion and immune health. 

As the world’s first expert dietitian created functional food brand to focus exclusively on the mood supportive benefits of gut healthy PRE-biotics, Uplift Food takes a leadership position in the prebiotic space as an innovative force set to disrupt the "better for you" cookie category by setting a new standard, and creating the "good for you" cookie category.

Not just another cookie with a range of marketing claims, these low net carb and low sugar cookies fit within many speciality diet requierments, allowing for inclusion by those following keto, low sugar, low net carb, grain free, vegan and no artificial ingredient lifestyles.

The Uplift Food Gut Happy Cookies have been formulated from a unique propiertary blend of plant based gut healthy ingredients, including lupini beans, tigernuts, tapioca fiber resistant starch, kiwi fruit and probiotics, that have been scientifically supported to lead to an increase in your good gut lactobaccilus bacteria, together with leading to an increase in the production of beneficial compounds known to reduce inflammation in the body.

Conveniently individually portioned to grab and go, the nut and seed butter based salted peanut butter with chocolate and coconut, salted almond butter with vanilla and hemp and sunflower butter with vanilla and chia cookies are bound to be a new favorite breakfast or mid-afternoon functional snack.


Prebiotics for Gut Health


Fiber types can be roughly grouped into three families; insoluble, soluble and resistant starch, with the latter two playing a vital role as prebiotics, meaning they fuel the growth of the good bacteria in the gut. Iit is sadly estimated today that 95% of Americans do not meet the recommended intake.

Uplift Food is bridging the gap for this missing nutrient in Americans diets, and making sure that prebiotics are conveniently and enjoyably able to be included on a daily basis.

Unlike many of the health food products on the market that sprinkle a touch of a “superfood” into the product, but do not offer adequate levels to offer any nutritional benefit, all of Uplift Foods products have been expert dietitian formulated, providing whole-food derived nutrients in significant levels that are supported by science to have a positive benefit on the body. 

“Providing 13g of prebiotic soluble fiber, prebiotic resistant starch and insoluble fiber, together with 8g of whole food plant based protein and less than a teaspoon of sugar per serving, Uplift Food's–  Gut Happy Cookies have been formulated to truly provide your body with nutrients that support good gut, digestive and immune health benefits” said Kara Landau, founder of Uplift Food and media dietitian representative for the Global Prebiotic Association, USA. 

In addition to supplying valuable key gut healthy and high fiber nutrients, Uplift Food caters for an abundance of specialty diets, including gluten-free, dairy-free, non-GMO, nut free and vegan.

All of Uplift Foods signature Gut Happy Cookies proudly contain less than a teaspoon of sugars, contain no artificial ingredients or sugar alcohols, and provide less than 160 calories per serving making them a convenient and nourishing on the go breakfast or snack option.  


Recognised as a game-changer for delivering innovative products that not only taste delicious, but that are also better for consumers, Uplift Food – Gut Happy Cookies will be released in April 2020 on and




About Founder and Dietitian Kara Landau

Kara Landau is a New York City based, Australian Registered Dietitian - A previous spokesperson for the Dietitians Association of Australia, and now the Nutrition Advisor Media Representative for the Global Prebiotic Association, USA – Kara is a trusted and respected voice in the world of gut health and prebiotics globally. 

Kara successfully lead Uplift Food to receive the first ever investment by global food giant Mondelez International's new venture arm, SnackFutures within 12 months of launching Uplift Food, and has lead Uplift Food to be a disrupter in the "better for you" cookie category by setting a new standard of "good for you" gut health focused cookies.


About Uplift Food

Founded by one of the leading prebiotic gut health expert dietitians, Kara Landau, Uplift Food is the world’s first dietitian created functional food brand to focus exclusively on the mood supportive benefits of gut healthy prebiotics.

The company is leading the way in the prebiotic gut health plant-based revolution, creating innovative, healthy and great-tasting premium whole food derived products that make it easy for consumers to go ‘gut healthy” without compromise. The company also leads the next wave of gut health snack innovation and is the first to launch a prebiotic focused sandwich creme line that is scientifically supported to promote good gut health.


Notes to editors:

Kara Landau, Registered Dietitian and Founder of Uplift Food is available for interviews – [email protected] or +1 917 251 4838