Baja Jerky: The World's Most Flavorful Jerky

Posted Mar 13, 2020

Introducing… Baja Jerky, the World’s Most Flavorful Jerky! Baja Jerky was founded in the summer of 2019 and is quickly dominating the snack game. In less than half a year, Baja Jerky’s fun and colorful bags are stealing the show at local food marts, gas stations and liquor stores. And not only is the packing something you simply can’t miss, the jerky inside is incredibly tasty and flavorful, hence World’s Most Flavorful Jerky. Plain and simple, we’ve stepped up the beef jerky game.

Baja Jerky was created under the reputable and family-owned beef producer Brandt Beef. In addition to the produce, Baja Jerky also absorbs the values that has made Brand Beef what it is today. We champion the sustainable practices used to raise premium beef that is 100% natural. And family means more to us than you know. Alongside Brandt Beef, we are a part of One World Beef, an alliance of quality brands. We embody their values as well, which include transparency, impeccable quality and an expectation of excellence.

Although Baja Jerky is associated with reputable brands like Brandt Beef and One World Beef, we are proud to have created a unique name for ourselves in the jerky world. Hands-down there is no other brand like Baja Jerky in the marketplace. The rad cow that graces our cheery packaging is not only a natural attention-grabber, but it also leaves all on-lookers with a smile on their face. The bright hues of yellow, blue, green, orange and pink on the packaging bring a much-needed pop of color to customers’ shopping carts and ultimately their pantries. Baja Jerky is just an absolute joy to have on hand!

Just as unique and appealing as the product packaging is the product itself! The colors and fun logos can only do so much, but if the jerky isn’t good, then what’s the point? Well, that’s certainly not the case here. Each Baja Jerky flavor is better than the next and will leave you wondering, “How on Earth do they make jerky taste this good?!” With flavors like Salsa Fresca, Sweet Orange, Traditional, Lime & Serrano Pepper and Churro, there is truly a flavor for every palette.

Salsa Fresca – the star of the show. Embracing its Southern California roots, Baja Jerky’s Salsa Fresca flavor is a stunning mix of sweet and heat. Salsa Fresca features real and natural ingredients like tomatoes, onions, jalapenos, lime juice and of course some cilantro. In addition to the traditional salsa fresca ingredients, the beef is also seasoned with sea salt, ground pepper, garlic, turmeric, tamarind, avocado powder and more. With the authentic spice of a true Mexican salsa and the subtle sweetness of a freshly picked tomato, Baja Jerky’s Salsa Fresca flavor seamlessly transports you to a fiery fiesta!

Baja Jerky’s Sweet Orange takes major advantage of the abundance of orange trees here in Southern California. Ranked a five on Baja Jerky’s “sweet” scale, Sweet Orange is extremely tender and a tad bit tropical. It marries tangy fruit flavors like orange, pineapple and more orange with the savory taste that is traditional beef jerky. This exciting Sweet Orange flavor is sure to tingle your taste buds!

Although we love our unique flavors, we had to honor age-old beef jerky by crafting a Traditional flavor. Although the basic taste of our Traditional flavor aligns with the rustic craving for beef jerky that so many of us know, Baja Jerky is the most tender beef jerky on the market. Guaranteed to *not* yank a tooth out when you take a bite, Baja Jerky’s minimally processed ingredients and 100% natural beef really come into play in the Traditional flavor. The tenderness allows you to be present for each and every bite while ingredients like Hickory Smoke take you to a place where the trees are green as can be.

Lime & Serrano Pepper is a flavor for those wanting a little – or a lot of – spice in their life. It’s rated a seven on our “heat” scale for good reason! Baja Jerky’s Lime & Serrano Pepper flavor is a medley of different spices and chilis including cayenne, New Mexico chili, paprika and, of course, serrano pepper. But just when you think you are reaching your boiling point, the lime swoops in to cool you down.

Baja Jerky’s Churro flavor is an all-time favorite with kids – and adults with a sweet tooth! We know what you’re thinking, “Churro-flavored jerky?!” To answer your question: yes, we are crazy enough to make those two goodies work in one snack. Coming in at an eight out of ten on our “sweet” scale, the Churro flavor is our dessert jerky. Classic churro ingredients like cinnamon and sugar blend together with the savory nature of our beef jerky to create a snack that is unmatched. Give it a try - you and your taste buds won’t regret it!

As you can see, Baja Jerky has created A LOT in a short amount of time. It has quickly gained a large, dedicated following due to its exciting branding and absolutely delectable flavors. There’s no one that comes close, which is why Baja Jerky is the World’s Most Flavorful Jerky!

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