Introducing Frutter: The Groundbreaking Natural Butter Replacement

SANTIAGO, CHILE – July 12, 2019. Darwin Food, the Chile-based healthy food company, today launched their signature product Frutter. The product, which is made entirely from fruit, is used as a healthy baking replacement for butter, margarine, and cooking oil.

The first product of its kind, Frutter is a healthy baking replacement made from fruit, but without the taste of fruit. It’s designed for the health-conscious consumer who wants a healthy alternative to the high-calorie butter and cooking oils that are frequently used while baking.

Frutter contains more than 40 times fewer calories the regular butters and contains no saturated fats. Additionally, Frutter is vegan-friendly and also completely safe to those who are afflicted by a number of food-based ailments and allergies, including lactose and gluten intolerance.

Baking with Frutter is easy as the product functions just like normal butter and doesn’t affectrecipes. Simply add the same measurement of Frutter as you would of butter or cooking oils.

Frutter was created in response to the new government implemented nutritional labels that are placed on foods in Chile. These labels, which are required to go on all products that exceed a certain threshold of calories, saturated fatty acids, sugar, or sodium, were designed to help reduce national obesity levels. Frutter seeks to reduce the presence of these labels by offering a healthy alternative for one of the most caloric ingredients in bakery products: fats.

“With Frutter, we want to offer people a way of enjoying the same delicious baked productsthey love, but with healthier ingredients, “states Magdalena Ribbeck, CEO of Darwin Food. “Ourmission is to provide a great product that will benefit the people of Chile and help make thefood industry healthier for everyone.”

Frutter was developed after years of research by a team of highly-trained scientists from leading universities in Chile. “It was the union of different science areas that allows us to develop Frutter and solve this need” says Valentina Frenkel, CTO of Darwin Food.

The product is currently available for purchase in Chile in two sizes: 100 grams (1,300 CLP) and 200 grams (2,500 CLP). The company anticipates expanding into the United States and other international markets in the near future.

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About Darwin Food

Darwin Food’s mission is to offer healthy ingredients that allow you to eat well withoutsacrificing the health benefits. The company’s products are developed by a team of talented Chilean scientists using a range of products from their home country. Darwin Food has received seed investments from Start-Up Chile, Fundación Para la Innovación Agraria (FIA), and CORFO. The company was founded in 2019 by Valentina Frenkel and Magdalena Ribbeck and is headquartered in Santiago, Chile.