Como and TRUNO to keep grocery stores ahead of the game with data-driven engagement platform

Posted Apr 12, 2018

Grocery stores in the U.S. are struggling to keep up with the changing economy, including the recent shift in consumer shopping habits and the emergence of online players to the arena. While grocery stores struggle, online giants, such as Amazon, continually stay ahead by using data to run personalized campaigns that grow loyalty and sales.

To help grocery stores keep up with the competition, Como (, the global leader in customer engagement solutions, announced today a new partnership with TRUNO (, the retail industry leader in integrated technology solutions. The partnership will provide data-driven tools to grocery stores nationwide, which will help them grow loyalty and drive consistently higher customer spend.

With the new collaboration, TRUNO’s clients will be able to adopt Como’s flagship product, Como Sense, and start benefiting from technology that is usually exclusively used by online giants to expertly gather data about their customers to personalize their experience.

With Como Sense and the Truno provided POS software, supermarket chains will be able to enjoy omnichannel communication tools, a wide choice of loyalty programs, a branded mobile app, actionable business insights, and marketing automation to deliver the right incentives at the right time to their customers.

Yair Holtzer, Founder and Head of Como USA, said: “As grocery stores are seeing a lot of competition, it’s crucially important to have the right tools to succeed in this food retail battlefield. By partnering with TRUNO, Como will be able to provide these tools to chains across the nation, so they can successfully drive customer engagement and loyalty. Customers still want to stroll down the street and choose their apples at their local store, so why not give them the right personalized incentives to do just that.”

Anthony Presley, Chief Products Officer at TRUNO, added: “We are happy to partner with Como to enable grocery stores and supermarkets to draw shoppers away from their competition with data-driven tools. In today’s hugely competitive environment, retailers should be keen to adopt new technologies to help them stay ahead of the game. Providing end-to-end customer engagement with our leading solution for point of sales, will position our clients at the forefront of technology.”