TouchCR Selected by Australian-Based Home Ice Cream to Enhance Its Omnichannel Marketing Strategy, Further Expanding Global Footprint

August 02, 2017

CHICAGO- TouchCR, provider of an advanced e-commerce platform that empowers B2C companies to develop deep customer insights and market with significant relevance, today announced that Home Ice Cream, a leading Australian-based traditional ice cream delivery service, has selected its platform to provide a unified experience for customers across all online channels and connected devices. By gathering and analyzing customer data from fragmented sources in real time, TouchCR’s secure and cloud-based solution will enable Home Ice Cream to utilize personalized, targeted and meaningful engagements with consumers.​

According to a recent report by National Australia Bank (NAB), Australia’s online retail market was valued at $21.65 billion in 2016, with takeaway food being the fastest growing category in December 2016. To keep pace with Australia’s avid online shoppers, Home Ice Cream, a traditional mobile ice cream truck retailer, began offering online ordering in 2006, enabling customers to have their favorite frozen treats delivered directly to their doors. Recognizing the need for superior online consumer experience, Home Ice Cream enlisted TouchCR to provide their e-commerce platform. Leveraging the power of TouchCR’s platform, Home Ice Cream will be able to better understand its target audience, conduct meaningful outreach and provide a smooth consumer experience across multiple touchpoints of a customer’s journey. This insight will enable the company to improve the lifetime value of its customers while identifying new opportunities.

“To grow and compete in the current market, we recognized the need for a comprehensive marketing and sales solution that would enable us to provide the same level of personalized service that our loyal customers have come to know and expect after 29 years of home deliveries,” said Brendan French, business manager for Home Ice Cream. “By selecting TouchCR, we are confident that not only will we better serve our existing customers, but will also reach our aggressive growth goals in 2017 and beyond through an FMCG industry-leading omnichannel retailing solution.”

Built on the Salesforce Platform, TouchCR’s cloud-based solution can be seamlessly integrated with Salesforce. To ensure top customer service, marketing messaging execution and website optimization, TouchCR will enable Home Ice Cream to:

- Provide easy online ordering through dynamic address generation and validation

- Quickly understand and manage customer service issues in a timely manner

- Access, score, segment and analyze all consumer data quickly and in digestible formats for retargeting/sales campaigns

- Create personalized, targeted and meaningful engagements with their customers and franchisees across all channels

- Increase customer lifetime and transaction value as well as transaction frequency

“We are excited to work with our partners at Salesforce to help Home Ice Cream easily integrate an e-commerce strategy into their existing face-to-face sales model,” said Al Corona, president and CEO, TouchCR. “We are confident that TouchCR’s all-in-one solution will help Home Ice Cream grow their customer base and create more meaningful engagements with consumers online and at their home or business while ensuring exceptional customer service along the way.”

An all-encompassing marketing platform, TouchCR integrates customer data from fragmented sources – such as transactional, demographic, behavioral and psychographic data – into one easy-to-use platform. Its advanced segmentation and scoring capabilities empower businesses to capitalize on opportunities as soon as they manifest while improving overall marketing spend. Armed with deep consumer insight, marketers are then able to provide more personalized, compelling content, ultimately improving customer experiences and increasing customer loyalty.

A certified Salesforce ISV Partner, TouchCR is available on the Salesforce AppExchange.

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About TouchCR:

TouchCR provides an advanced e-commerce marketing platform that empowers B2C companies to develop deep customer insights and increase brand loyalty. Through Salesforce integrations, TouchCR delivers a secure, scalable and cloud-based solution that enables B2C companies to better identify, segment and score customers quickly and increase customer lifetime value and loyalty. With TouchCR, marketers can market with significant relevance, see direct attribution ROI on media spend and deliver a more personalized experience to customers and prospects. For more information, visit or follow on Twitter @TouchCRSol.