Tracking food industry priority for the COVID-19 vaccine

Each state is developing its own vaccine distribution plans, often including prioritization for workers in the food and beverage industry, from agriculture to meatpacking.

Editor's Note: Food Dive tracked eligibility for COVID-19 vaccines from January to early April, after which President Joe Biden announced that all adults can sign up by April 19. This story was last updated April 7. Consider this a snapshot of the vaccine distribution across the country.

As the United States rolls out COVID-19 vaccines, companies in the food, beverage and agribusiness sectors are keeping a close watch on when their workers will be able to receive them.

A challenge for many people in these essential industries is that states have adopted their own processes for administering the vaccines and sometimes created different definitions of critical workers, leading to a disjointed framework across the country, and potentially sowing confusion among the millions of individuals working in these jobs.

Food Dive is tracking the status of each state's plan to vaccinate workers in the food manufacturing and agriculture industries, including in which priority group they may be placed. This tracker will be updated as states make changes to their vaccination schedule or come out with more detailed information. To let us know about new updates, send us an email.