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Whitepaper: Costing best practices for food manufacturers

For food manufacturers, product costing is a core component of the business and drives a lot of decision making. All companies spend a lot of time reviewing their purchasing, manufacturing, processing, shipping and vendor costs to ensure they’re selling their product at the right cost. In order to succeed, companies need to set a price that is competitive and will yield a profit.

This is easier said than done. Especially during periods of growth, maintaining accurate costing can become very difficult. In many cases, there may be blind spots that you’re not even aware of until it’s too late, causing your margins to go from black to red.

With this in mind, JustFood has put together this new whitepaper on costing best practices geared specifically toward food companies. We highlight the different costing methods most commonly used by industry leaders and provide guidance on how integrated business software can aid in making these methodologies even more effective.

Checkout our costing best practices whitepaper today and you’ll learn:

  • Costing for work center standard rate per hour

  • Costing for work center standard rate per unit

  • Routing operation rate when dealing with two products that share common product processes

  • Housing all of your costing data into one integrated system to cover blind spots and work efficiently