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As a restaurateur in today’s market, the customers provides you with unlimited amount of information regarding their purchase behavior. Understanding each customer segments and executing campaigns in a personalized fashion might seem like a daunting task on the outlook. But, with the right set of solutions you can achieve your main objective of increasing your same store revenue growth. Manthan Guest Analytics and Engagement solutions enables you to achieve this by:

  • Geo Targeting customers when they are near the store
  • Promoting the right offer based on taste preferences
  • Cross-selling products based on taste references
  • Promoting products and offers on mobile app
  • Targeting customers who are most likely to adopt new products
  • Targeting customers who have lapsed
  • Encouraging guests to visit during different dayparts
  • Delivering promotions at the right time of day

Manthan’s Guest analytics and engagement solutions let you to just that. Download this Case Study and learn how:

  • A leading Café chain increased app engagement with Manthan
  • ​A Pizza chain improved same store growth with Manthan