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Are you ignoring your top opportunity for bottom line growth?

Unlock Dramatic Profitability Improvements with this Step-by- Step Guide
Did you know that trade spend is often the 2 nd largest expense on the P&L? So, why
don’t companies devote more time and energy to pricing, trade spend and operator
allowance strategies?

With executive engagement, a trade funds strategy promises 10x the ROI compared to
competing business activities. Blacksmith customers are already taking advantage of
this approach and seeing real results:

“More than ever before, it’s critical to have a thoughtful trade spend strategy. Just think about
the amount of money that goes into programs and deals. It’s a lot. This how-to guide from
Blacksmith Applications is a must-read. We’ve incorporated many of the tactics at Rich Products
and we have seen real results.” ~Julie Michel, Rich Products

If you could guarantee that the shelter dollars you spend completely maximized their
potential in the next quarter, how much of a volume increase would you put into the

Download this free eBook to put a plan in place that allows you to drive incremental
cases with a well-constructed trade spend strategy.
eBook content includes:

  • Foodservice trade environment insights
  • 5 questions to ask if you think you have a trade strategy, but aren’t sure
  • How to get started with executive buy-in
  • The who, what & why of trade positioning
  • Overview of both offensive and defensive approaches
  • The expected results & impacts to organizational trade maturity
  • A go-to- Market roll out plan