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Develops and maintains a strategic partnership with Food & Beverage teams to elevate Responsible Sourcing performance of business partners and the business category as a whole.

Use your skills, experience and talents to be a part of groundbreaking thinking and visionary goals.  As a Responsible Sourcing Manager you'll take the lead as you…

  • Partner with Food & Beverage cross functional teams to align on priorities and goals for the division
  • Lead the development of a more holistic approach to supply chain oversight and elevation in coordination with the Responsible Sourcing team and relevant internal and external stakeholders
  • Consider and accommodate efforts and implications of Responsible Sourcing goal work for your division’s supply chains by working with Responsible Sourcing goal leads
  • Develop a strategy to gauge risk and apply oversight across geographies and product types, accounting for any unique differences in your categories
  • Ensure program alignment with government regulations, international standards and national law

  • Define the resources (internal and external) needed to provide sufficient oversight
  • Collaboratively determine priority business partners and understand near and long term growth plans for the business including business partners and countries of production
  • Partner with internal and external stakeholders on communicating expectations to business partners

  • Work closely with business partners to understand their programs, monitor audit results, and help them improve over time
  • For priority business partners, work to understand their factory matrix and identify its strengths and weaknesses
  • Review audits results and distill learnings into insights and recommendations for business partners, sourcing and merchandizing leaders
  • Leverage overseas team members to help support and drive business partner elevation
  • Provide regular, proactive updates to Food & Beverage teams on priority business partners and any business partners/factories that are not performing well
  • Review and update existing animal welfare policy and design and execute the oversight program
  • Manage issues as they arise with appropriate internal and external partners


  • Bachelor’s Degree
  • 3-5 years of experience in Responsible Sourcing, including human rights, worker health, safety and wellbeing, and environmental sustainability
  • Related experience in Food & Beverage supply chains
  • Analytical experience related to compliance related topics
  • Strong program management and problem-solving abilities
  • Ability to establish strong relationships with cross-functional teams, business partners, and industry organizations
  • Ability to work independently

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