​Customer buying and eating patterns have changed dramatically over the last year, and food and beverage companies have stepped up to meet customer demand. While there is a light at the end of the pandemic tunnel, those shifts are likely to continue. F&B companies have always focused on traceability, quality and compliance, but in today’s environment they also need to be agile and flexible in every aspect of their operations—especially demand planning, forecasting and inventory management.

An enterprise resource planning system can make that possible. By tracking real-time data from every part of the organization, it brings clarity to even the most complex situations. The result: faster, more confident business decisions. In this webinar, experts will go over how an ERP can help. They’ll discuss: 

  • Market pressures for the F&B industry
  • Critical operational capabilities to look for in an ERP
  • How an ERP helps you control operations with a wide view of what’s going on