From carbonated soft drinks to still drinks and flavored waters, naturally derived acacia is the most popular emulsifier in beverage applications today. It's easy to see why, with its long-term stability in concentrates with up to 12% oil load, excellent cloud in beverage applications and ability to stand up to pasteurization temperatures and high pressures. But what if you could improve acacia's natural abilities, to capture even greater economies? 

Join this webinar to learn how it’s possible with TICALOID® Acacia MAX high performance emulsifier. It provides stabilization of emulsion concentrates with oil loads up to 24% at 70% reduced usage levels, without the use of weighting agents — to achieve cost-in-use savings, extended shelf life and friendlier labels.
Webinar attendees will hear:

  • Insights from Ingredion experts, Derek Holthaus, senior principal scientist, and Janae Kuc, senior marketing manager, beverage category
  • Dive into the incredible functionality of this innovative product
  • Why this gum acacia is recommended for liquid flavor, beverage and color emulsions