Why millennial moms are the current 'it' demographic

Dive Brief:

  • Millennial moms are a major target for food and beverage brands in terms of marketing and product development, according to a new report from FONA International.
  • Because nearly half of female millennials are mothers and 71% of them work outside the home, products need to be high quality, nutritious and convenient to meet their lifestyle needs.  
  • Millennial moms also tend to prefer big box retailers where they can buy multiple items they need in one stop, instead of going several places in a shopping trip.

Dive Insight:

Millennial moms may be busy and on the go, but they haven't let those needs get in the way of healthy and nutritious foods for their families. Millennials are more likely than any other generation to buy organic and locally-produced products, a clear reason why these trends have become so commonplace among major manufacturers and startups alike.

The sweet spot for millennial moms may come from value-added produce or meal kit-type solutions. The majority of moms spend less than 30 minutes preparing a meal, and many take less than 10 minutes. Whenever manufacturers can remove a time-related barrier for meal preparation, they have a better chance of targeting this demographic.

But as prevalent as this generation and their food and beverage needs are, manufacturers still need to consider whether this is their target demographic or if another consumer segment may better appreciate a particular product or marketing campaign. Focusing on millennial moms could alienate other members of a brand's consumer base or even alter consumers' perceptions of that brand, so this decision is one to be made after considerable deliberation over target consumers and who is most likely to become brand loyal.

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