Update: Chobani removing yogurt ingredient following Air Force ban

UPDATE: Chobani Director of Public Relations Amy Juaristi shared the following statement with Food Dive, clarifying that only Chobani's Blueberry Power Flip product has been affected, but the company is in the process of removing the hemp seeds:

"Recently, we've heard some concerns from the military community about Chobani products containing hemp seeds, and want to set the record straight. Except for Blueberry Power Chobani Flip, no Chobani product contains hemp seeds. However, we're committed to giving our fans what they want and are in the process of removing this ingredient from our Blueberry Power Chobani Flip. We greatly respect our armed forces and take pride in serving our troops."

Dive Summary:

  • The United States Air Force has issued a warning to its personnel that they may not consume Chobani's Blueberry Power Flip Greek yogurt product, which comes packaged with hemp seeds.
  • The regulation cited in the ban states that “studies have shown that products made with hemp seed and hemp seed oil may contain varying levels of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), an active ingredient of marijuana which is detectable under the Air Force Drug Testing Program."
  • A Chobani spokeswoman told the Air Force Times that its yogurt contains no more than 1 part per million of THC, far less than the 50 parts of THC per billion per 100 grams that would be required for someone to fail an Air Force drug test.

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Dive Insight:

The hemp seeds aren't the first yogurt ingredient to draw scrutiny this year. Already in 2013, critics have publicly called on Dannon to get rid of carmine dye, while Yoplait has given in to demands that it cease using milk protein as a thickening agent in its Greek yogurt.

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