Stonyfield milks popularity of full-fat dairy with new yogurts

Dive Brief:

  • Stonyfield is introducing Whole Milk Drinkables and Double Cream Yogurt, according to Project Nosh. Last year, Stonyfield successfully launched Whole Milk Greek Yogurt and Whole Milk Grassfed Yogurt.
  • The company said it sees a big growth opportunity in its whole milk line as more American consumers are embracing full-fat dairy.
  • Similar to other Stonyfield products, the new items will use USDA Organic milk without toxic persistent pesticides, artificial hormones, antibiotics, and GMOs. 

Dive Insight:

Although it may seem more consumers are shying away from whole milk to follow a healthier path, the leaders of Stonyfield see its organic offerings as something more people are embracing to get nutrients like protein and calcium. Maple Hill Creamery and Chobani are among the other companies that have taken notice of the trend by introducing their own whole-milk yogurt lines. 

Stonyfield’s organic 100% Grassfed Whole Milk yogurt begins in the pasture, with milk from cows that graze exclusively on grass. Many nutritionists have long argued organic whole milk is better for you, as it contains more beneficial omega-3 and less damaging omega-6 than other milk. Yogurt made with whole milk also is thicker, creamier and tastes better, executives said. It's also less processed, which is big draw for some consumers, especially millennials.

A Whole Food executive told the Wall Street Journal in 2015 that growth in dairy has come from whole-fat products. A study by the Center for Sustaining Agriculture and Natural Resources at Washington State University found organic whole milk offered more of the fatty acids good for the heart than conventional milk.

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