Report unveils major food companies' meager recycling efforts

Dive Brief:

  • Environmental groups As You Sow and the Natural Resources Defense Council published a report chronicling the recycling and sustainable packaging efforts — or lack thereof — of big players in the restaurant and beverage industries.
  • Of the 47 companies analyzed, none received the "Best Practices" status, and only two, McDonald's and Starbucks, earned the title for "Better Practices."
  • Consumers and environmental groups are requesting that these corporations display more leadership in this area, but they also call on packaging manufacturers to reduce paper and plastic waste and make it easier for people to recycle and compost these materials. 

Dive Insight:

Some companies in the food retail market are joining in, such as Kroger, which was recently recognized by the EPA for being a leader in both recycling and food recovery. This is in part for the company's organic recycling program, which "utilizes composting and animal feed to limit the amount of food going into landfills," according to a press release.

Local governments are starting to get involved in the recycling and sustainable packaging movement as well. According to NPR, two cities, San Francisco and Seattle, have gone so far as to pass ordinances that require all businesses to provide recycling and compost bins. For more on how Seattle plans to fine its citizens, check out this week's Friday Flavors.

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Top image credit: Pixabay; promakis