Report: Consumers go nutty for pistachio-flavored products

Dive Brief:

  • Flavor firm FONA International released a trend report that found pistachio nuts are gaining popularity, with about 65 pistachio-flavored product launches in 2016, according to Candy Industry. This is nearly double the number of product launches from 2015.
  • Most of the green nut-based product launches in the U.S. were in the sweet biscuits or cookies category (14.3%), followed by dairy-based frozen products (13.5%). 
  • Pistachios also appeared in snack mixes (11.7%), non-individually wrapped chocolate pieces (7.9%) and snack and energy bars (7.6%).

Dive Insight:

As more consumers view nuts as a good, guilt-free source of nutrients, it's not surprising that pistachios are seeing a surge in popularity. The nuts are rich in fiber, which nutritionists say is important for weight management and lowering the risk of cardiovascular disease. Numerous studies have shown that pistachios make a good healthy snack.

Pistachios are also high in vitamin A, calcium and other important minerals, which health-conscious consumers are looking to add to their daily diets. FONA discovered that at least 358 mentions of pistachios were included on restaurant menus nationwide, particularly at fine and upscale dining establishments. While chefs used the nut most often in desserts, they also appeared in appetizers, entrees and soups.

As people become accustomed to seeing pistachio-based offerings in restaurants, its likely that they will begin seeking them out in the grocery store. Manufacturers, especially in the snack and dessert space, would be wise to roll out pistachio-flavored products to capitalize on the flavor craze before a new ingredient steps into the spotlight. 

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