Is this a bad time for Wrigley to pump its gum up with caffeine?

Dive Summary:

  • Wrigley's is set to release their new Alert energy gum in April.  Each piece of gum is likely to have the same caffeine content as half a cup of coffee.
  • The gum, however, is being released at a volatile time for energy supplements as many energy drink makers are being brought to court for their marketing and effects on children.
  • For this reason, Wrigley's has not advertised the gum to a younger crowd.  With gum's prime demographic being 18-24 year olds however, analysts expect the gum to have a rocky reception. 

From the article:

“While Wrigley may have found a way into the new ‘meta-category’ of energy foods, the restrictive parameters it must keep on the launch to avoid challenges from regulatory agencies mean that it cannot leverage gum’s
strongest demographic,” added Mongelonsky.

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