How retailers can capitalize on consumer weight loss resolutions

Dive Brief:

  • Every new year, lots of people make resolutions to eat healthier. While approximately 50% of people will make some sort of goal for themselves, less than 10% will actually achieve them, according to Grocery Headquarters.
  • Industry experts agree that grocers can offer some support to those looking to lose weight, eat better or stay fit by highlighting food that promotes certain health benefits. Retailers can capitalize on the post-holiday shift in consumer purchase priorities by making the calorie content and health benefits of fruits and vegetables more transparent. 
  • Retailers should also promote healthy food option tie-ins during popular events like the Super Bowl or the Academy Awards, which can help consumers make healthy food choices while in groups or at parties.

Dive Insight:

New year’s resolutions of eating better and losing weight may mean more ring at the register for produce items in the early months of the year, but that trend often fades as the months go by.

A survey conduced last year by InfoScout found that sales of fresh fruits and vegetables increased 11.5% from December 2015 to January 2016. However, numerous surveys were done throughout the year to show produce sales decline by summer.

Grocers should take advantage of consumers’ desire to eat healthier in the earlier months by introducing them to new fruits and vegetables through in-store tastings and offering special deals on healthier items.

Manufacturers can also beef up their marketing message at the beginning of each year, highlighting the health benefits of their products to boost interest and fuel sales.

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