How new preservatives can make meat safer

Dive Brief:

  • Arjuna Natural Extracts Ltd said it is coming out with X-tend, a complete, natural, formulation-specific preservative that will increase chilled-meat product shelf-life and better ensure food safety, according to a company release.
  • Synthetic preservatives used in chilled meats commonly contain nitrates, which can bring about nitrosamines, chemical compounds that allegedly can increase cancer risk. The all-natural X-tend formulation can be used instead.
  • X-tend is designed to be highly potent and prevents the growth of yeast and mold in chilled meat products.

Dive Insight:

Arjuna Natural Extracts’ all-natural X-tend formula can replace chemical nitrosomyoglobin-forming preservatives, yet is non-carcinogenic and safe to use in chilled meat, eliminating some of the problems of storing meat.

According to the Agriculture and Consumer Protection Department, the chemical composition of meat is rich in proteins, lipids and water, making it a favorable substrate for the growth of microorganisms. The lipid content also makes it very sensitive to oxidation.

Last year, FoodCap, a New Zealand tech company, developed an innovative approach to chilled meat material handling for buffering, storage, aging and transport of red and white meats between processing lines. Other companies are working on similar ideas to help meat last longer in this environment.

With the X-tend product, getting the taste and correct mouthfeel isn’t perfected, but further experimentation with flavor masking should help improve this innovation.

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