How a children's beverage became a Medicaid-eligible dietary supplement

Dive Brief:

  • An organic drink called Sneakz, which was originally designed for children to get the proper amount of vegetables, is now being given to Medicaid patients as a nutritional supplement, according to Bevnet.
  • Sneakz is made up of 15 organic ingredients, including five vegetables, and is free of antibiotics or synthetic hormones.
  • An 83-year-old customer, who said the drink soothed her stomach, championed it as a Medicaid-prescribable nutritional supplement for its health benefits.

Dive Insight:

Although Sneakz wasn’t designed for Medicaid patients, a savvy senior read the ingredients on a label, liked what she saw, and felt better after drinking it. It was her determination that led to the company proclaiming it a good nutritional supplement.

This isn’t the first time that a food product has been used for something other than what it was designed for, but it’s up to the manufacturer to let consumers know. It also means a strong marketing campaign is required so people understand the product's benefits. According to Fathom, understanding journalism's 5 Ws about the target and actual customer — who, what, where, when, why — is key to developing a content marketing strategy and will help find consumers who will use the product.

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Top image credit: Sneakz