Hershey to promote natural ingredients, more transparency

Dive Brief:

  • The Hershey Company announced that it will reformulate its confections with simpler and easier-to-understand ingredients, following a three-prong strategy: simpler, more natural ingredients, transparency and ingredient information shared with consumers, and sourcing responsible and sustainable ingredients, the company said in a statement.
  • This will include adjusted, simpler recipes for staples like Hershey’s Kisses Milk Chocolates and Hershey’s Milk Chocolate Bars as well as new products, such as Brookside Dark Chocolate Fruit & Nut Bars. 
  • Hershey's announcement comes on the heels of competitor Nestle, which recently announced it would stop using artificial colors and flavors in its products.

Dive Insight:

Hershey president and CEO John P. Bilbrey said in the company's statement, "This is a journey and it will take time. We are equally committed to sharing what we achieve and what we don't. For ingredients that may not be as simple, we will explain what they are and why we need them to provide the great flavors, aromas, textures and appearances that our consumers know and love."

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