Dannon's nutrition commitments signal food and beverage manufacturer opportunities

Dive Brief:

  • Dannon has announced progress on its nutrition-related endeavors as part of a three-year commitment to Partnership for a Healthier America.
  • So far, Dannon has exceeded targets for goals related to sugar and fat reduction across its product lines, particularly in products targeted at children. The company also reported a 5% gain in nutrient density by increasing certain nutrients while reducing total sugar and fat.
  • Dannon has also invested more than $2 million in nutrition education and research, which has included engaging with consumers, nutritionists, and school foodservice leaders to promote the benefits of low-fat and non-fat yogurt.

Dive Insight:

Making changes as part of a public commitment is one way for manufacturers to increase transparency. First, manufacturers announce intentions, which drives attention to their brands. Then, as manufacturers approach or achieve those goals, it presents another opportunity to announce any progress, which drives attention to brands. 

One obvious benefit here is the opportunity to promote changes made to a company's portfolio and ingredients multiple times. But manufacturers also improve transparency: If manufacturers don't reach those goals, consumers could easily find out. 

Dannon does still have to be mindful of the research it funds, as nutrition-related research that receives industry funding is often heavily scrutinized. Dannon's research may promote public health, but it does so in a way that also promotes the benefits of its own products. As with other past industry-funded research debacles, that research could be viewed as skewed in the funding company's favor.

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Top image credit: Dannon