Can peas help create protein-filled bread?

Dive Brief:

  • Researchers are working to recharge bread by adding peas, which provide more of the protein and less of the carbs and gluten that consumers are trying to avoid, according to Bloomberg.
  • Warburtons Ltd., the U.K.’s largest bakery brand, has partnered with Canadian researchers to develop dough from pea flour that will look and taste like any other loaf..
  • Additionally, scientists believe swapping pulses for wheat in recipes may help revive stagnant sales in a global baked-goods market valued at more than $400 billion.

Dive Insight:

This may seem odd to many consumers, who don’t realize that pea protein is a popular food additive — often used in cheese and yogurt.

Earlier this year, Canadian company Roquette made a $303 million investment into pea protein manufacturing, believing this to be a category that’s ripe for growth. Recent data supports this thinking.

According to Hexa Research, the pea protein market is expected to show rapid growth from now until 2024 due to health consciousness among consumers and an increased demand for pea protein supplements. Continuing interest in gluten-free products and the popularity of meat substitutes is augmenting this market demand.

In fact, a new research report by Global Market Insights, Inc. said the market would increase to more than $200.2 million in the next six years. Manufacturers like General Mills — which uses pea protein in brands including Larabar and Cascadian Farms — also use the ingredient.

While many products are jumping on the protein trend and taking advantage of what peas can offer, baked goods are hitting a stumbling block: The bread doesn't have the same taste. However, when a protein-packed product lands, as long as the taste and function is right, it could make an impact on the market.

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